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Thursday, February 4, 2010

10.02.03 – “First Time Singing Our Song For The Encore”, After Seoul Music Award Ceremony Interview

“The members were holding each other hands tightly under the table!”
We interviewed SNSD after being awarded the Daesang at the Seoul Music Award ceremony.
“We were hoping to get the Daesang, but we never imagined that we’d ever win it,
we held each other’s hands tightly under the table and prayed before they announced the winner.”
The members were all happy teeth and smile about winning the Daesang after a mere 3 years from their debut.

- How do you feel about winning the award?
We can express it in one word ‘Oh!’ It’s like a dream. It’s the first time that we ever sang our own song for the encore;
we couldn’t keep our tears back.
- What was the motivation to winning the award?
It’s because so many people have come to love our songs.
It’s also that people are noticing our individual charms as well as a group.
We know that the motivation came from the cheering of teens to uncle fans.
- Since 2007, 3 years after your debut you have reached the top of your game.
What do you think is the reason for this unbelievable growth rate?
We think it was because of the teamwork of our members.
We may say good things and bad things to each other, but the point is that we care for each other.
Even in the future we wish to keep this approach.
- Your second album ‘Oh!’ is an instant hit. Do you think that another Daesang is possible?
We’ve never kept our eyes on an award before. However we do wish that our songs
become strength for many listeners, we are working hard to achieve that.
- You have reached the peak. Any plans or desires for the future?
There’s our Asia tour coming up. We want to meet with many fans in Asia.
We want to enjoy the different cultures and environments too.
We are certain that our level of performance will be raised up a notch for the concert.
And we wish to raise awareness about Korea.

Translation: Just Love~! @ Soshified
Source: Seoul Music Awards
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