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Saturday, February 13, 2010

!2PM Junho "Academy is a good palce for dating"

2PM was on KBS Yoo HeeYeol’s Sketchbook aired on 12th February when they performed several of their hits like ‘Heartbeat’, ‘Again & Again’ and ‘Tired of Waiting’. They also did a short interview with MC Yoo HeeYeol.
When asked ‘where do you first look at when you look at the some of the opposite gender’, and he said, “The skin, I look at the complexion.”
And member ChanSung also revealed that his eyes are the part of his body he is most confident of. Also JunHo was asked the question, “From your experience, where is the best place for dating.”
He answered, “At the academy. Isn’t it good that you can also study for examinations together?”

MC Yoo HeeYeol also asked JunSu “When is the last time that you cried?”, and JunSu answered “2009 KBS Gayo DaeSang where we won the artiste of the year award.”
TaecYeon was asked ‘Who did you call on the phone before you go up the stage to perform’ and he answered, “2AM SeulOng hyung. Today we will be going to the gym together after my filming schedule ends.”
Unfortunately member Nich Khun was not around as he was in Thailand for his other schedules.
Other than that, the members were also asked ‘Who do you look like?”, WooYoung looks like a Tibetan fox, ChanSung looks like Super Junior Hee Chul, JunHo looks like Rain, JunSu looks like funny rabbit, and TaecYeon looks like actor Choi CheolHo.


Source:Newsen || cr:Kbites || vids:iTokkey@yt

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