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Sunday, February 7, 2010

!2pm Taec, Junsu and Chansung played as one-day mentors for teenagers

2PM Taec, Junsu and Chansung had a good time with 8 teenagers.
On 28th, Jan. JYPE held events titled "Visiting JYPE Seoul Center". This is a kind of premium gift which gave to the winners among students of "I-NET SCHOOL(internet school for private lesson)". It is a gift as the 10th anniversary of the opening. Only a few members can join that event. This gift is the most-wanted item among the students at that time.
8 female students have this lucky chance to visit JYPE. They looks very happy when they meet 2pm Taecyeon, Jjunsu and Chansung. 2pm members served as guides to the JYPE center, so they guided each floor to the students - Practicing room, Make-up room and Recording room, which the students are curious about.
And 2pm members talked with the students around the table, freely. Students asked to them what they want to know.
The first question is about their wedding plans. Junsu answered, "When I get to ready, I will do!" and Taec answered, "Actually, I thought it would be good as soon as possible, but after my debut, I changed my mind" 

Students asked about their personal time at home, and Chansung answered, "We are altogether all the time, so we don't have time with members at night, each used to do what he wanted - seeing movie, learning about music or surfing the internet...."

And Chansung chose Wooyoung as his model member, since Wooyoung is very diligent and taking exercise every night.

Chansung said that his happiest memory was that he lived together with members in one boarding house, and Junsu said that his shameful moment was when his pants was torn and did wrong choreography alone.
And students were also curious about studying and planing future. When he was asked about the chance to think to be a singer, Junsu answered, "When I was young, I saw the music video by Stevie Wonders. I was very touched and started to dream to be a singer. I passed the audition in 2004."
Taec was known as an honor-student. He can speak 4 languages and his grade was almost at the top 5% in States. He answered with a bashful smile, "I did my best" at first time, but as the students asked again, he answered, "I was not studying alone, I always studied with friends as study group. I could learn more when I was with my friends".
In this day, 2pm offered words of encouragement to the students, and also added many advices as idol models of students. Chansung said, "If you are not a good condition, it is totally useless to read the textbook, so, when you are sleepy, you should go to bed just for 1~2 hours". Taec said, "Studying is not a hard and difficult thing, so keep going, and you can feel it easier and funnier". Junsu added, "You should do studying, so you had better to enjoy it. Don't have a negative mind, just enjoy it, and if you have a positive mind, you can do anything!"
In the end of this event, 2pm had an autograph session and took photos with students. One student said, "I enjoyed a lot, since I sat and talked with 2PM. I hope I can come here again as I study hard". Another student said , "I am very touched not only 2pm members but trainees, who do their best to get their dream. I decide to do my best for my dream, too"
I-net school and JYPE have ties with each other for edu-tainment business. So JYPE used to invite the I-net school students every year to meet 2pm, wonder girls and so on. And also JYP's english class is serviced thorough I-net school.

You can see this meeting event via video clip on I-net school website, from 5th, Feb. 
Source: NewsWave
More info: InetSchool.co.kr
Kor-Eng by Chinup_Jay @2pmalways
Coordinator: Cassina @2pmalways

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