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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

!2PM WooYoung, “During trainee days, I cried because Park Jin Young would be angry at us everyday”

2PM WooYoung talks about incident during his trainee days where he had cried due to Park Jin Young.
2PM members were on KBS 2TV ‘Win-Win’, which was also be their first talkshow appearance since their debut. They talked about the joy and tears they went through from when they were trainees to become what they are now.
Before they debut, 2PM received the song ‘Only You’ from Park JinYoung to practise and it put the members through much struggle. Especially for WooYoung, who had cried because of the song.

WooYoung said, “Even though I worked hard day and night, sharpe-eyed Park Jin Young said that he was not satisfied with what he saw. In the end, from Mondy all the way till the weekends, he would be angry everyday.”

He continued, “In order to get the pitching right, I was playing on the piano alone in the practice room. Feeling sad, the tears just came.”
The other members added, “To cheer him up, we bought ice cream. When WooYoung gets his ice cream, he will always return to his usual cheerful self.”
Meanwhile, lead JunSu and JunHo also did a performance with Nich Khun playing on the piano on the show.
The show is set to air on 16th February at 11.05pm.

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