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Sunday, February 7, 2010

! After School Says Goodbye on Music Core?

Although After School said goodbye two weeks ago and ended their promotions for "Because of You", After School appeared on last night's Music Bank as well as tonight's Music Core, performing their ballad song "When I Fall." However, tonight was apparently After School's goodbye stage and their performance does not disappoint.

The long-legged ladies of After School looked stunning, donning all black dresses that accentuated their curves (espeically Bekah's). The three main vocalists once again give an amazing vocal performance. Check it out below!

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Rumors have it that tonight was After School's goodbye stage. However, since there was no official announcement, this remains a rumor. I hope that if they are to have their goodbye stage, I wish for it to be on tomorrow night's Inkigayo, where they can have a proper goodbye stage since they won the coveted triple crown with "Because of You" a couple weeks back.

As much as I wish to keep seeing these lovely ladies grace the stage and perform every week, it would be great to let them get some rest and perhaps prepare for a comeback with fellow Pledis sister, Son Dambi (who is supposedly to have a comeback in April) and see some friendly competition between the two.

Credits: mangomonster @ omgkpop // MHJ2U @ yt

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