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Friday, February 12, 2010

! [Article] Challenge between the Korean Flower Boybands! @ SG I-Weekly

From Singapore’s I-Weekly Magazine, 8-14 Feb 2010 Edition, translated into English:

Challenge between the Korean Flower Boybands!

Korean boybands, Shinee and FT Island, both visited our shores last weekend and created a frenzy among the fans for the first time ever.
How popular are they in Singapore? Let’s take a look at the figures below: Hundreds of fans fetching them at the airport, thousands gathered at heartland malls, imported albums completely sold out……
Let’s see who wins the challenge!

Inset 1:

Pronounced “Shiny”, a shining and dazzling boyband. They are also the juniors of Super Junior, Girls’ Generation and other popular Korean bands.
Age between 17 to 20.
Members were discovered at SM Entertainment audition castings. Able to dance, sing, rap and act.

Inset 2:

FT Island
The name, FT Island, represents Five Treasures, with each of the 5 members being a treasure.
Age between 18 to 20.
Debuted in 2007 and released 3 full albums.
An idol band with talents.

60 secs Q&A with the Media:

What do you want to say to your Singapore fans?
FT Island: We’re very thankful for their support. When we came to Singapore for the first time, we were very shocked to see so many fans waiting for us at the airport, even when it’s nearly 12am.
SHINee: We’re really surprised to see so many people coming to support us.
All of you are born in the 90s and are currently students. Between studies and singing career, which one will you choose?
FT Island: (giving the same answer) Because it’s hard to cope with both, we’ve decided to focus on our career. We do not attend schools regularly anymore, but we do go for some language courses occasionally.
SHINee: Sometimes our schedules are very packed, so we had no choice but to skip certain classes. If we have to make a choice…… (Members started discussing, but couldn’t come to a conclusion so the translator ended it off with “they each have their own choices”).
Would you like to act in Korean dramas?
FT Island: Our vocalist, Lee Hongki, was casted as “Jeremy” in the drama “You’re Beautiful” last year, and all of us were envious of him. However, we believe that Hongki’s participation in the drama helps to bring up the popularity of the band, increasing the exposure of FT Island.
SHINee: If we have a chance to be casted, we’ll be glad to accept the role. We’ve seen some good examples earlier, like, SS501’s popularity went up because of Kim Hyunjoong’s participation in “Boys Over Flowers”.
As idols, have you ever thought of dating?
FT Island: (answered instantly) Yes! Though we do not have girlfriends now, but we do want to get one!
SHINee: Have not thought about this before. Singing career has been our dream since young and we only want to work hard now, so we didn’t think have time to think of other things……
Please introduce yourselves to I-Weekly readers in short.
FT Island: You have to see us for yourselves.
SHINee: We’re a contemporary band (leading trends in pop music, fashion and dance)!

I-Vote: SHINee vs FT Island (Wins!)

FT Island debuted a year earlier than SHINee and they seem to be more experienced in handling questions from the reporter, while SHINee seems to be more shy; FT Island showing the real sides of themselves while SHINee seems to be careful; SHINee was safe guarded by many management crew members while FT Island seems to be more carefree and relaxed. FT Island wins this round!

FT Island vs SHINee

Airport Arrival
FT Island: approx. 300 fans
SHINee: approx. 400 fans
No. of Visits to Singapore
FT Island: 3
SHINee: 1
No. of Events
FT Island: 2 (Fansign & Showcase)
SHINee: 2 (Fansign & 2 Nights of Performance at The Esplanade)
Fanclub Size
FT Island: 1,000 pax
SHINee: 5,000 pax

I-Vote: SHINee (Wins!) vs FT Island

SHINee’s popularity is overwhelming, considering their first visit to Singapore. There were lots of fans chasing them around wherever they go (including airport, hotel lobby, press conference, shopping malls……). FT Island has lots of supporters as well. However, since it’s already their 3rd visit here, they’re no longer new to the fans. SHINee wins this round!
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Credit: ying1005 @ primanoona.com (trans, scans)

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  1. no matter what they say. i still love ft island the most. sorry all shinee fans but i think that ft island is more talented and quite rare because idol dance groups like shinee are really common in the kpop industry. but the bands who actually play instruments like fti are really rare. just my opinion though. i love both groups very much, but fti will always be my #1 :D


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