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Sunday, February 7, 2010

! Confessions of a Star: G-Dragon

Big Bang has been known as "talented idols" since their debut. When they appeared on the scene, they were different from other idol groups because they wrote their own lyrics, created their own choreography, and even their own styles in regards to fashion. The group became known as "dark idols" because of their appearance of black clothes, face paint and tilted hats.

G-Dragon revealed, "When we first debuted, I had to act the villain and push my team members to their limits. When people see me outside of work, they called me a fool, but when I am working, I tend to calculate a lot because I am a timid person. I always tell myself to 'get it together.' People tell me that when I am working, the look in my eyes changes."

When resting, G-Dragon is a childish hyung who messes around with the group members, but when he's working, he cracks a whip on his fellow group members. Usually he is a prankster compared to the younger, but more mature team members Daesung and Seungri. When it comes to work, however, G-Dragon is a perfectionist.

"We worked really hard practicing and composing our songs. I actually composed '거짓말 (lies)' to use as my solo song, because at the time we were really into house music. At the time, Yang HyunSuk was at Japan or Hong Kong and I sent him the song through mail. Since it was a new song, I was kind of embarassed and afraid that he would criticize the song, but I got a call within 5 minutes.Yang HyunSuk said, 'This is it. I am really sorry, but let's make this song a Big Bang song.'"

He went on to say, "The first thing I felt was regret. At the time I was determined to release a solo.

To release another solo would take years and as a singer, it was natural to feel regretful.

"I stayed up several nights working on the song, but had to rewrite the song from the start so it could be a group song. When Yang HyunSuk said 'This song is not our song, but Big Bang's,' I thought that even though I have been composing songs since our first album and as a producer, the group should come first, the tears came to my eyes."

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