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Thursday, February 18, 2010

! G-Dragon: "I'm close with the DBSK sunbaes"

In this last interview with Asiae.co.kr, G-Dragon talks about his friendship with DBSK, and to keep working hard for the future.
“Recently, I’ve been resting a lot since my solo concert. A lot of the restrictions that were in place for me like no clubbing, no alcohol and no girlfriends were abolished. I’ve been meeting with friends and going clubbing, and going shopping in DongDaeMoon early in the morning too. I saw there was a photo of me in an outfit so I asked: “What are these clothes?” and the person said 'They are G-Dragon style', not recognising me (laughs).” 2009 was a significant year for Kwon Ji-Yong, 23 (Stagename: G-Dragon). It was a meaningful year to him, where he presented his own album and concert to the world. He also knows how to best relax at the end of a very heavy workload now that it has already been 5 years since his debut:
“I used to try to speak and act all cool and sophisticated when I went to award ceremonies, but recently I went to one just thinking like it was going to a party. I wore jeans and took my puppy Ga-ho and had a great time. I met a lot of other people and I didn’t really take much notice of the cameras. I yelled out when I was enjoying myself and had a good time just being part of the audience.”
Ji-Yong also became friends with many singers from other management agencies. One of the most significant friendships being with SM Entertainment’s DBSK, G-Dragon and Big Bang’s sunbaes both in Korea and Japan:
“I’ve recently become closer with my sunbaes in DBSK. In the past there used to be a lot of unseen rivalry between differenct agencies, but since Big Bang and DBSK are both groups, we all have a lot in common. Hero JaeJoong hyung approached me first. After that, I naturally became friends with Yoochun hyung and Junsu hyung and I realised that I could be the dongsaeng too.”
G-Dragon said he would pester the DBSK hyungs to buy him food when they were staying in Japan, and the members of DBSK would give him a lot of advice:
“I admired them because they’d survived in a different country and different cultures. It doesn’t matter whether people are with SM or JYP Entertainment or whatever anymore, I like everyone. Sometimes thoughts like: ‘aww that person must’ve been through a lot of pain’ or ‘I should tell this person this piece of advice’ just comes to me. I think our hearts are all opening towards each other now. I would like it if our hubaes (juniors) would come up and talk to us too.”
Nevertheless, G-Dragon is still in his youth and has fears about the future.
“I have to keep going. This year Daesung and TOP’s solo albums will be released and so will Big Bang’s album at the end of the year. Though I doubt everything will go as planned, we still plan out everything first and then adjust the times of release depending on how fast production goes.”
As BigBang’s group leader, he has to keep in mind the other members’ activities as well as the group’s:
“It will be a lot of handle for Daesung to prepare for his first solo album on his own, so I think I’m gonna give him a lot of advice. Daesung will probably do R&B ballads; and it will be a bit different to Big Bang’s style of music. TOP’s solo album will definitely be Hip-Hop. I think I’m gonna help him work on a couple of the songs.”
BigBang plans to return in 2010 with a new Korean album and new looks. As always, the ‘next’ is always the most important:
“We have to move forward as Big Bang again. For the last two albums I think we were more or less just standing in the same spot. It’s not that I didn’t like the songs on the albums, but they just didn’t take off like I wanted to. If I don’t like how the next album for Big Bang turns out either, I’ll probably hate myself for it. We have to keep moving forward, even if it’s only half a step. Now that Seungri is no longer underage, I think in this next album, we’ll be showing off a more manly image rather than a boyish one (laughs).”
G-Dragon has caught us unawares by becoming a man. His bravery has hugely affected our country’s (Korea’s) music industry, and is creating a legend. What shape will this legend of his take on? It’s time for us to sit back and watch his legend unfold.
Translation Credits: sjay.x @ BBVIP.net// Source: Asiae.co.kr

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