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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

!G-Dragon talks about CEO Yang Hyun Seok [YG]

The pupil reveals the master's tricks as G-Dragon talks about the CEO, the mastermind behind the exponentially growing power of YG Entertainment in the Korean music industry.

Upon hearing the song “Lies” that G-Dragon had originally written for himself, YG Entertainment’s President Yang Hyun Seok, more well known as Yang Goon- YG- decided the song should be used as a Big Bang song. As a result, G-Dragon started to re-write it for the group:
“I felt really weak after knowing that I had to rewrite the song from the beginning. Nevertheless, I rewrote it and let the other members listen to it, all the while worried about whether they would like it or not. It was a lot different to the music we had done previously, so initially the members’ expressions were very blank after hearing it. All the while I was sitting there quietly thinking: ‘They don’t like it? Oh well, there’s nothing I can do about that’. Then Taeyang spoke up and said ‘Let’s do it!’”.
G-Dragon is still in the dark about what emotions the other members were feeling at the time of hearing “Lies” for the first time. Just the fact that he was letting them hear a song he had initially written for himself, inspired by his personal preference of music made him anxious. Fortunately for G-Dragon, his anxiousness was short-lived:
“At first, I was nervous. Of letting them hear… but after editing the lyrics, and then giving it to them [T.O.P., Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri] so then they could work out their own parts, things came together nicely. Our President has crazy instincts. When he tells us we should release something at a particular time or something, it always ends up yielding us the best possible results.”
G-Dragon would write many songs and President Yang would listen and then choose the ones he thought best. G-Dragon went onto say how normally Yang Hyun Seok was usually more like an easy-going neighbourhood hyung or uncle, but when it came to work, he had the best ear for music, picking out trends and hits.
“I think Hyun Seok hyung has psychic powers (laughs). After listening to a whole bunch of songs, he’ll just sit there without uttering a word, roll his eyes once in a while and then not only will he decide what songs to use, but also when to release them too. I send him all the songs, and he cuts them down. Sometimes he doesn’t even listen to a song for a second. Rather than getting all technical, he’ll just simply go ‘No, not this’ or ‘I have a good feeling about this one.’ Every song that he’s said to have had a ‘good feeling about’ has been a huge hit. It’s really scary and he constantly makes me wonder ‘What’s with this person??’”
President Yang is a good hyung, teacher and help to G-Dragon. Due to YG once being a singer in his own right, (Seo Tai-ji & Boys), he is a President who understands how artists under his care feel. Their hardships, what motivates them and gives them strength; and he has made a good system based on these things.
“The music we want to do, the clothes we want to wear, and the performances we want to do…he agrees to let us do it all. In the end, “Lies” turned out to be a huge hit because I listened to what to said. Hehe”
Translation credits: sjay.x @ BBVIP.net //Source: asiae.co.kr

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