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Thursday, February 4, 2010

[NEWS] Celebrates Lunar New Year with 2PM Nichkhun!

2PM member Nichkhun who is famous in both Korea and home country Thailand is selected as Thailand Ambassador in 2009. And now in 2010, he is more than ready to spend the upcoming Lunar New Year holidays with the fans as they will experience a nice trip to Phuket from Feb 13,2010.

Fans can do various activities with Nichkhun from dinner party, beach games, etc. as well as experiencing the interesting culture of  Thailand. Whilst on Feb 14,2010 they will have a special party with Nichkhun.

Here’s a more detail information taken from the official site nichkhunbreak :

The special trip with Nichkhun from last October has been reschedule to the long weekend of this coming Lunar New Year (from 13 February for 3nights 5days). Besides Korea, travel to one of famous destinations in Asia, 3nights 5 days to phuket and special programs such as party, games and experience in mauythai with Nichkhun. Please contact Mode Tour for more information.
Trip to Southeast Asia with Thailand Goodwill Ambassador, Nichkhun, will be very special. Besides exclusive programs in Phuket; experience in mauythai, dinner party and beach games with Nichkhun, moreover you will experience 2hours spa, city sight-seeing and other activities which not for only nichkhun fan but also for general family trip with special memories as the present.  Especially this trip is nonstop flight from Incheon to Phuket by Korean Air so that you can relax and have more pleasant time.
This special trip with Nichkhun is supported by Tourism Authority of Thailand and sold by Mode Tour. This trip are limited for  only 100 korea residents by first come first served. More information and reservation are available at Mode Tour.

More information please visit Mode Tour website www.modetour.com
and Nickhunbreak homepage at www.nichkhunbreak.com

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