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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

![NEWS] G-Dragon: “I don’t know where it ends”

G-Dragon (Kwon Ji Yong, 23) most of the songs created by him have been hits. He made his solo ‘Lies’ and instead gave it to Big Bang for their Mini Album Vol. 1 in 2007 which became a huge hit, after that he had a series of hits, such as ‘Last Farewell’, ‘Haru Haru’ and ‘Sunset Glow’.
Although people kept saying we were a ‘huge hit’ we didn’t feel like that. Because we never went out. We’d only go to the broadcasting stations, our apartment, rehearsal rooms and that’s it. We were still just boys and although we kept on getting first place we didn’t feel anything different at all. The audience cheered and we just thought “It’s just because we’re singers”. But while on stage all the audience cheered and we didn’t even notice since we’d be singing.
A saying says that artists are always listening and repeat to themselves words in the inside over and over again, “The next one is really the most important”. As artists I think that is the hardest part. Even after doing well the thought is always “the next one its more important”, always. Usually when people think of artists they think that it might be easy, but it’s really not easy.”
Even when activities are paused it can’t end there, we’re constantly thinking “Let’s word harder” “The next one must be more important’ ‘I cannot give up now’. It’s always a continious tension.(?)
“I dont know where it ends. When I see the fans cheering ‘Big Bang make our dreams come true’ I think ‘wow its no joke’ and I feel responsibility.
Of course Big Bang members though aren’t the kind to take really long breaks. During a vacation day or two at home they start thinking ‘I’ve got to do something’ and go back to rehearse.
We don’t even plan to come out and practice but we see each other dancing, writing lyrics….practice now has been made like our daily routine…Now we spend a lot of time writing songs more than others and we’re able to choose from more. Until now I think we’ve gotten this far because we don’t want to show our fans ‘dissapoinment’.
Even through those times where he could only run away(?) he learned to keep his balance with the idea of not dissapointing his fans. We now know and feel what he ran so hard for.
Korean article: asiae
Translated: alee @ ibigbang

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