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Sunday, February 14, 2010

![News] LeeTeuk/Shindong: "Hyungnim restaurant" Summary

This is a summary of all the articles about the SBS E!TV new show "Jo Hyungki Park Joonkyu's hyungnim restaurant" which Leeteuk & Shindong are guests for the first epsidoe. The show will aired at 0.00AM on Feb 18th.

 - Shindong said his ideal type is a girl with short height and cute and sexy. He said according to the physiognomy he should get married when he's over 30 and the fortune-teller said although he gets married a quite late but his wife will have a lot of luck.

- Leeteuk said he would have been debuted on June 2002 with a 5-member group (Donghae & Leeteuk supposed to debut with a group called "OKAY") but because the World Cup so their debut was postponed, then DBSG who are their hoobae trainee had been debuted first. Leeteuk said although he said congratulation to them but when he was on the bus to come back home, he had cried.

- Leeteuk said he was quite worry when SJ had just debuted because there were some members who are more popular than the others then, but he said popular/fame is like the season in the year, it comes but it will go so although at first Heechul, Siwon, Kibum were those who got attention but the other members will get their chance to shine eventually.

- Leeteuk said he had kept secret with his family about him being accepted to SM and being the trainee for 5 years, he also will talk about him saying he went to study at home but in fact go training & using his tutor fee to pay for transport fare & the hardship during the training period.

- A person from the show said according to the physiognomy, Leeteuk has to work with a person who has big frame so their synergy effect can be shown and that's why he should take care of his relationship with Kang Hodong & Shindong.

- Shindong said during his school days, because of his family situation he had to live in an old bulding of a restaurant in front of a cemetary, he said he had practiced dancing in front of an old mirror in the lobby to build his dream to be a singer and he can become now thanks to that time.
original articles : newsen
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net

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