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Thursday, February 18, 2010

![News] Park Jung Min, talkative male who's loved by many

Long and slender figure, clear and exquisite face features, icon of the flowery males' looks. One who has these combinations but yet a star with extraordinary conformity. He is SS501 member Park Jung Min.

Park Jung Min who is not just active in activities as a member of SS501, he is also very flexible and able to retract freely on the stage of musicals, flaring his talents to the best. Always showing the happy side of his, but in reality, he is one member who is, when not just in the midst of recording for a music programme or in the waiting room for concert, never fail to show and express his happy and amiable greetings. If so, then, we are really curious just what interests or hobby does he have? That is the "nag" he possesses, just like his optimistic personality.

The people around him has always thought, there is noone besides him who is so well loved by people. One relative even mentioned, "his interest is to always nag and nag, the affinity between people has always begun because of acknowledgement, when people meet, by nagging can relieve stress and embarrassment. Of course, he also has the interest of appreciating movies and reading books, interests like that."

Park Jung Min's optimistic character can also be seen through his daily living habits. Park Jung Min isn't very picky about food, basically he's able to adapt to any food at all. He says he likes to eat Korea's cuisines and dishes, but when he is overseas for a schedule he also likes eating the various dishes and cuisines of each country, wishes to challenge the different types of food. Park Jung Min has even brought about a benefit for fans. Park Jung Min and other SS501 members who needs to often take the plane, when they are onboard the plane, whenever the other members are thinking of "will something happen", Jung Min will usually sleep in the plane or watch a movie to kill time. 

translations: (chinese) LOVEСÂíÂí@ NO.43Park + (english) OdeDS@SS501ODE
source: DSP + Nate News

credits: www.parkjungmin.com.cn + Park Jung Min chinese website+dkp
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