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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

![News] Taecyeon gets pranked with hidden camera on drama set

'Beastly idol' 2PM member Taecyeon was tricked by Moon gunyoung, Seowoo, Chun Jung-myung's hidden camera trick.

On the 6th, the first face to face meeting of the new KBS 2TV mini-series 'Cinderella Sister' drama cast took place. Taecyeon was part of an awkward situation with the fellow cast members Moon Gun-young, Seowoo, Chun Jung-myung's joke.

On the 8th, an associate stated that Moon Gun-young, Seowoo, Shun Jung-myung played a hidden camera joke on Taecyeon since it was his first time as an actor and to help him loose his tensions.

The concept was Seowoo having a crush on Taecyeon and Chun Jung-Myung disciplining the young Seowoo in front of Taecyeon. Chun Jung-myung disciplined Seowoo in front of Taecyeon angrily and said how she was thoughtless and immature in her first meeting with Taecyeon. Unable to handle the pressure, Seowoo went to Moon Gun-young and cried in her arms. Taecyeon didn't know what to do and was very surprised and said to the officials that he had no idea what was going on.

In order to fully fool Taecyeon, Moon gun-young Seo and Chun Jung myung did not tell Kim Young Jo PD.

Kim Young Jo PD explained, "The scenario exercises and the face to face appearance was to bring enthusiasm and create a friendly atmosphere. All actors on the show are working enthusiastically and have high expectations."

Kim PD continued, "Although it's Taecyeon's first time acting, I believe he will be able to carry out the character's role well."

'Cinderella Sister' is based on the fairy tale of 
Cinderella, and the mistreated Cinderella will take revenge on her evil stepmother.

This drama will start filming on the 19th.

Take out with full credits. There shouldn't be any removal or addition to the credits.

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