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Friday, February 5, 2010

! SHINee fans get up before the concert ends!

Fans leave midway after listening to SHINee finish two songs!

Performing for seasoned, famed composer Oh Joonsung’s Korean Drama Favourites showcase, Korean boyband SHINee rounded off the concert for both nights.

When staff workers moved microphones up on stage during the last 20 minutes of the showcase, fans, which made up most of the audience, started getting excited and screams began to resonate in the concert hall.

SHINee performed two songs during the showcase, both composed by Oh Joonsung and featured in two different drama OSTs as well. After [Countdown], theme song of drama Dream, the five of them performed [Stand By Me], accompanied by Green Caocao (T/N: Mr Oh’s awesome band), the local strings section and Oh Joonsung himself.

The five did their best on stage and brought the entire showcase to its climax. Having waited since the beginning of the showcase for about an hour, there was no stopping the fans from screaming their lungs out and in the process, ignoring SHINee’s prowess at singing.

Despite the ban on both photography and videography, fans were all taking down the precious 8 minutes of SHINee’s performance.

After SHINee’s performance, about 60 members of the audience, all fans, rushed out of the concert hall in order to queue for a short fansign after the entire showcase. The showcase was still going on, and because SHINee fans occupied most of the front row seats, it was extremely awkward when they walked out just like that.

Despite being upstaged by SHINee, Oh Joonsung was still gracious and polite. Speaking in English, he assuaged the situation by telling the audience “I love SHINee”, “SHINee are my friends”, and won the applause of everyone present (T/N: You mean those that didn’t leave)

After news broke of the fans leaving, netizens have been commenting on various SHINee related sites, stating that those fans were “rude” and “embarrassing”.

Source : omy.sg
Credit : Dkpopnews
Translation : theretroradio

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