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Thursday, February 18, 2010

!SHINee manager hits fangirl

On the 14th, it was reported that C.N Blue’s manager had been showing violence towards the fan when the fan tugged on the sweater of member in C.N Blue. However, it looks like SHINee might be facing the same manager problems.
Within days of the C.N Blue’s manager violence incident, the same issue hit the internet once again, however this time with SHINee’s manager. In the video clip released, it was the manager of the idol group SHINee, slapping the back head of a young female fan. Along with that video clip, the netizens are roaring across various websites at this action.
The girl who had been hit in during the incident replied, “I posted on the fan homepage that I was hit by the manager, but the management (SM Entertainment) dismissed it as a rumor and deleted my post.” So along with the post from the girl who was hit during that incident, the netizens angers are growing. The netizens responded to the video by saying “Managers must really hit a lot of times”, “In the back TaeMin is so surprised, and from what they wearing, it must be from their ‘Juliette’ days”. Some even questioned members of SHINee by stating, “I don’t understand SHINee members for just passing by when a fan is being hit.”
SM Entertainment revealed through a phone interview on 17th February,
“The video was taken last August when SHINee was in the process of moving between their schedules. We would like to express our deepest apology to fans who have met with similar nasty situations.”
“We will make sure that such will not happen again, and that all managers and staff of our company will do their best. Again we would like to apologise for this.”
A netizen commented: “I think it’s pretty clear that the manager is at fault here, unless of course the girl did something wrong, but even so, he shouldn’t have done that in public. In my opinion, we shouldn’t be placing the blame on SHINee for not stepping in and defending the girl. We should focus on who is clearly in the wrong in this situation.
What do you guys think? Comment below and show your opinions.
SOURCE: StarNews | Credits/Shared By: KBites+ kpoptheworld

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  1. i just went to some web,and it shows that the fan girl kiss one of the shinee member,the one who touch his lips.That why she was hit..


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