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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

!SS501 Asia tour ‘PERSONA’ comes to a close

After touring in many countries for almost 6 months, SS501’s Asia Tour ‘PERSONA’ finally came to a close with the SS501 fever still continuing after them.

SS501’s Asia Tour ‘PERSONA’ finished off in Thailand on the 13th with the wild fever still behind them. In August of last year, SS501 started the tour in Seoul, and then moved on to Japan, Taiwan, Shanghai, HongKong, and then finally to Thailand. Even though it had been an Asia tour, in each country the tickets were all sold out setting a record and an impression to the fans in the area.

In their last concert stage, they performed in IMPACT ARENA that had 12,000 seats all full with the fans. Member Park JungMin won a lot of attention from the fans when he sang the song Rak Ter by Tor Saksit, who is a singer in Thailand.
Through this Asia tour, SS501 were able to leave a strong impression as a Korean singer in various countries, and many also realized the potential of their popularity in the various countries. Meanwhile, SS501 will continue the legacy with an encore performance of the ‘PERSONA’ concert from the 27th to the 28th in the Seoul Stadium.

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