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Saturday, February 6, 2010

!Truth Behind SJ Kyuhyun’s Bday Celebrations!

There have been some issues over the Seoul Music Awards over Korean Boyband Super Junior. On the day of SMA it was also youngest member Kyuhyun’s Birthday, so the boys decided to bring out the cake to celebrate, but it was argued that they shouldn’t have done it during the awards ceremony as it was considored ‘rude’!  Along with Super Junior, Shinee and SNSD also joined in with the celebrations.
Netizens had  a  heated debate saying what super junior did was wrong. However for those who have not watched the 9 second video showing Super Junior singing happy birthday to Kyhyun here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Be-Db5g8w9U
However if people have watched the FULL show they should notice that the 9 second part was actually during a commercial break and there was no award given or any performances on stage.
The following article is taken from : http://www.twelfs.com/blog/
In the middle of the ongoing controversy, the sense of respect between Super Junior fans and both Hong SooAh and Lee EunKyul has drawn many attentions.
Soon after the news was out, Super Junior fans, ELFs visited Hong SooAh and Lee EunKyul’s minihompy and flooded the comments page with apology messages. “I’m sorry for causing a scandal” “I feel bad for upsetting you, I apologize on behalf of oppas”
In response to the overwhelming comments, Hong SooAh wrote in her minihompy, “Super Junior fans, ELF, do not worry about me. I’m fine.. you guys do not have to leave messages on my guestbook.” and showed her support to Super Junior “…happy birthday and congratulations for the award”.
Lee EunKyul also replied “The situation is all right. We certainly understand. ELFs, it’s okay to stop apologizing. I came to have fun so please need not to worry.” which made fans relieved.
An SM Rep explained, “Kyuhyun’s birthday cake was prepared by fans. The surprise birthday party was not planned”
Furthermore, fans noted that the celebration was done during a commercial break. Only the cake was shown at the end of the performance. In the fancam below, the crowds gathered around Super Junior’s table at around 0:12 and SNSD members returned to their seats at around 0:26. Then, ELFs chanted “Happy Birthday” at around 0:38 but immediately stop at 0:49, a moment before Hong SooAh and Lee EunKyul announced the winner of the Digital Music Award. In the last video, Super Junior stood up together with the rest of the audiences, celebrating the winning of their juniors, SNSD.
Here is Video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ko00b-7FRpA&feature=player_embedded
If the cake wasnt allowed, Super Junior would have been stopped by PD before going on stage with the cake or will have been stopped from lighting it up! So do you think Netizens have managed to make a big deal out of something so little!?
Source: Star News + kukinews + Newsen + TwELF+kpoptheworld
Article: myystiqueen @ TwELFs.com
Videos: 00xita00 + NignJygh + uketsu @ YT

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