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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

!WonderGirls, “Even though ‘WonderGirls SunMi’ is important, just ‘SunMi’ is also important”

Girlgroup WonderGirls members SunYe, YooBin, YeEun and SoHee talk about their feelings on SunMi’s leaving the group.
The 4 WonderGirls members had a meeting with their WonderGirls fan union on 8th February and the fan union released the details of the meeting through their fancafe at about 11pm.
According to the representative of the fan union, SunMi’s training was shorter as compared to the other members since her debut she had missed out a much of her schooling life. And the members constantly felt SunMi’s regrets about it after they had their American debut.
They told the fans, “But our responses were the same as fans when it was revealed that SunMi will be stopping her promotions as WonderGirls for the time being. At first we panicked, and said that she will regret this, but after awhile we calmed down and gave our support for her decision.”

They said, “And we know that SunMi is not one to make such decisions lightly, she has been thinking about this for a while, and discussed it with the members and company.”
And the WonderGirls member also explained that rumours of the company pushing SunMi to leave the group is groundless. They said, “Debuting in the States was a dream which all the members have dreamed of. Even though we were afraid with all the saying that it is too early for our American debut, we really wanted to go to the States.”
They added, “The company also do not wish for its singers to be like puppet singers who just listen to whatever the company tells them to do.”
The members also talked about their feelings on SunMi temporarily stopping promotions as part of the WonderGirls. Especially for SoHee, who is of the same age as SunMi and stopped her high school education for her singer career together with SunMi. SoHee said, “It is true that it is hard to be away from the family as a young student, so I understand how SunMi feels. With that said, I believed that she has thought things out since it is her choice after all.”
The WonderGirls also emphasized, “Even though ‘WonderGirls SunMi’ is important, individual ‘SunMi’ is also very important. Since this is her decision on her own life, if us members are to hold on to her, later on when she regrets, we don’t know how we are going to be responsible for that.”
Also, “There are people who are criticising like ‘This is the decision you made in the beginning, why are you calling it ends now?’. We hope people don’t look at it this way since hardship means differently to every individual and they deal with them differently.”
The 4 members of the WonderGirls had the meeting with 5 fan union representative from about 2pm in the afternoon that day.
Meanwhile, on 23rd January it was announced that SunMi will leave WonderGirls for the time being. With that, SunMi will be with the WonderGirls till the end of the month. And from March, she will return to Korea to start preparations for her college life.
And JYP trainee HyeRim (Lim) will be taking over the empty position in the group. Already on 4th February, she had her first official performance as part of the WonderGirls in China for an event.
S: Starnews


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