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Thursday, March 25, 2010

! 2PM Taecyeon, "Variety and dramas are difficult"!

Taecyeon(2PM), who is set to make his acting debut on KBS 2TV Wed/Thurs drama, "Cinderella's Sister" (first broadcast 3/31), spoke about the difficulties of acting and variety programs.

On March 24, at 2 P.M. at Seoul Gangnamgu Non Hyundong Imperial Palace Hotel, Taecyeon and the rest of the cast of "Cinderella's Sister" held a press conference. Taecyeon was asked whether acting for his drama or filming FO2 was harder. He answered, "Both are hard."

Ok Taecyeon, who appears as a regular on SBS weekend variety 'Good Sunday - Family Outing Season 2', has gotten an opportunity to act.

He stated, "It is my first time doing variety and my first time acting. On one set the atmosphere is very bright, while the other is very serious. I sometimes get the two confused, but I'm working hard to accustom myself to both."

Taecyeon revealed that Yoon Sang Hyun, who appears with him on FO2 and is his acting sunbae, gave him advice. Taecyeon stated, "[Yoon] told me the atmosphere on a [drama] set is very different and when I arrived [on set], I could see that it was. It is totally different from the studio setting I'm used to as a singer. The drama set was very serious."

In "Cinderella's Sister", Taecyeon will play a character named Jung Woo, who has never received love and therefore is forced to take care of himself. After having someone make him food for the first time, Jung Woo will fall in love with Eun Jo (Moon Geun Young) and transform into a man that will do anything to win her love.

Taecyeon, along with Moon Geunyoung, Chun Jung Myung, and Suh Woo will star in "Cinderella's Sister", which is set to air at 9:50 PM on March 31.

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