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Monday, March 8, 2010

![2pm]Nichkhun impressed Koreans with ‘Charming Thailand’

This time, Nichkhun Horvejkul, took a chance to travel with his family while working in Phuket.
Nichkhun, a member of sensational Korean boy band 2PM, set off to Phuket as a tour guide to Khoa Kai, Phuket under the campaign “Special Trip with Nichkhun” during Feb 14-16. This trip resulted from the attempt to attract more foreigners to visit Thailand.
“We have got a good response from the campaign. The tourists wanted to know about my motherland; how beautiful it is and how delicious the food is. When they first arrived at the island, suddenly, they fell in love with the place since they had not expected that it will be as beautiful as in the CF.”, He said.
Seemingly, the hero of this special trip is not only Nichkhun, a fresh looking, smiling boy who had been waiting for his fans since that morning, but also other 2 gentlemen; his father who passed on such great genes, flying long way form the states and his elder brother, Nichchan who is not less attractive than Nichkhun in terms of look and just starred in Ploy’s MV. In addition, his mother and younger sister also participated in this trip.
He disclosed about the impression on this trip for he has had tight schedules, busily working in Korean music industry. “I feel as if I am here for taking a break rather with my family and fans than working. If I did not get a chance to come here, I could not travel anywhere else. In Phuket, I can eat delicious seafood, also, the scenery is picture-perfect and the sea is beautiful. Normally, I eat only instant foods for I finish working late in the evening.”
Certainly, Nichkhun the wink machine did a flawless job as the host to fans whose ages range from 3 year old kid to a senior citizen. He sang, played game, took them to dinners, taught Thai-boxing, as well as, distributed souvenirs to fan himself.
“Thailand’s charms, which Koreans always talk about, are kind and generous people, yummy food and several kinds of fruit. I recommend them to try Pad-Thai, Tom Yam Kung, Chicken green curry and Tang Mo Phan but, personally, I like fried rice.”
“2PM members are fond of Thai fruits. The first thing they ordered when they set feet in Thailand was Tang Mo Phan. They told me that the beverage is sweet, delicious and refreshing but what surprised me is that they really like fish sauce mixed with chili. (Thai seasoning)”  
This clear complexioned tour guide also said, “If there is one thing I’d like to improve about Thai tourism, it has be sanitary; restroom should be clean. Compare the country with our house, we have to keep it tidy so people would like to come here again next time.”
Lastly, he begged TAT “Next time, May I go to mountains? I’d like it fun and adventurous. Will my wish come true? I do not know.” Well…since you’ve asked, we guess there will be the second trip soon.

Source: OK Magazine; March , 2010
Thai-Eng transaltion by Kagetsu Crackerbaby K. @2pmalways.com

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