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Sunday, March 14, 2010

!Brief report of 2PM in Thailand (Mar 11)

Today, Nichkhun and Taecyeon went out for shooting in the early morning. Other 4 memebers accompanied them later.

While Wooyoung was walking into the studio, he flashed fans a smile. (All ladies fell like leaves to the ground) Junho still wear the same old white t-shirt. A number of fans gathered has increased form yesterday.

On their way out form studio, a source told us that Taecyeon still have his hairs wet...so handsome! Another said that he got his hairs-end permed and he grinned brightly. He does not look old at all.

Cutie Nichkhun smiled and waved his hands before getting on the van.

Today, the boys are upbeat (yesterday, they were in good mood too but today is better.) After that, they had their meal at Sukishi. Many fans followed them around. I did not have any idea what they ate... but Tang Mo Phan must have been on the list!

On their way back, they got into a glass elevator. Nichkhun, who is cheerful, waved to fans and told other boys to take a look at fans' signs. Now, they are in the hotel.

Besides, the manager in specs did not wear his glasses his time. Fans told that he is so nice ans cute. *His name is Shinchoen...Many fans have hots for him. So whenever he walk outside the studio, fans went "Shinchoen Oppa...Shinchoen Oppa!"

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