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Saturday, March 13, 2010

!Daesung, “I trembled in fear after the car crash”

There is a time in everyone’s life Where they think ‘This is deathly agony’. There was a moment like that for Daesung too. This was last August, when he was in a car crash. He never told anyone but he trembled alone fear afterwards, afraid that he would lose his voice after the accident.
"I can’t remember the accident. I was at the hospital when I opened my eyes. When I regained consciousness, my lower back hurt so bad that I couldn’t walk and I couldn’t smell anything. But the thing that scared me the most was that my voice had become like a monster’s."
On the 11th of August 2009, Daesung was in a car accident going back to Seoul after filming ‘Family Outing’. Not only Daesung, but Daesung’s manager and stylist were also seriously injured. He received major injuries, breaking his nose and ribs and was told it would take 8 weeks for him to heal fully.

"Whenever I thought to myself ‘What happens if my voice never heals?’, my heart sunk to the floor. My job as a singer, an MC, a musical performer..they all require my voice. I didn’t even talk to my mum. I was scared of the company and the people finding out…"
After suffering alone, he carefully asked his doctor.
"Daesung: What happens if my voice doesn’t get any better than this?"
"Doctor: It’s not an uncommon symptom after an accident, but it usually gets back to normal. Let’s wait and see."
So he spent a whole month in the hospital, torturing himself on the inside. Luckily his recovery was quick. But his voice took 3 to 4 months longer to heal. However even now, he can’t smell through one of his nostrils. But even though Daesung has been through so much, he’s still as cheerful as ever.

"Whenever I don’t wanna smell something, I only need to block one nostril. (laughs) It’s such a relief that my voice is back. I thought I wouldn’t be able to talk or taste but I can walk and run and everything. After the accident my way of thinking has totally changed, I’m much more optimistic now."

This agonising experience also gifted him with the ability to be able to treat every little moment in his life preciously.
"During the first domestic concert after my accident, I was given the chance to sing in one of the songs sitting on stage. Seeing the people wave their gold glowsticks around made me feel like I was in a dream. It was such a deeply moving and precious experience."
Because of his accident, he was unable to take part in the musical he had been preparing and also had to take a break from ‘Family Outing’. Maknae Seungri stood firm and helped lead the musical show without him, and even appeared on ‘Family Outing’ to fill up his absent spot and did his share. They matured together, embracing each others’ hard times.

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Trans Credits:sjay.x @ BBVIP.net

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