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Sunday, March 7, 2010

![Interview] Cool Music Magazine interviews SHINee members

#1: onew

- even though he’s the leader, he seems kinda shy
- always had a huge/silly smile on his face
- kept swinging back and forth during the photoshoot

COOL: Among the members, you have the most solo songs. What do you think about this?

Onew: Of course I think it’s a great opportunity. (laugh) Even though it feels great to do activities together with the other members, I can show another side of myself with a solo song. I think it’s a pretty good thing.
COOL: As the leader, what about you makes the other members feel at ease?

Onew: Really hard question…..(talks with the translator twice) I…..can often make the members laugh. Ah! Really hard!
COOL: What do you think is the most important thing about being an artist?

Onew: You must have your own dreams. No matter if you’re standing on stage, or just practicing daily, you always have to think you’re the best. Even if it’s not like that now, you have to believe you will achieve it someday, and always work hard.

#2: taemin

- pretty and energetic
- his favourite Chinese artist is “Victoria noona”
- when posing for the photoshoot, the staff told him to do a powerful expression; he said it was too embarrassing so he’ll just smile

COOL: Idol Maknae Rebellion received a really good response in Korea. As SHINee’s maknae, have you ever shown any rebellious behaviour?

Taemin: I don’t think I’ve ever really rebelled before. The hyungs take care of me, so even if there is a temporary disagreement, we’ll talk it out to solve it.
COOL: As the maknae, what do you envy the most about your hyungs?

Taemin: All the members except for me have become adults, these days I want to grow up quickly, to become an adult soon. But in terms of envying them, I don’t think there’s anything. Rather, the hyungs envy me a little because I’m the most youthful. (laugh)
COOL: On year-end shows you performed some MJ dances. Are you satisfied with your performances?

Taemin: I personally really like and respect MJ. Even though I frequently imitate his dances on stage, there is something regrettable each time. There hasn’t been a performance I’m satisfied with before, but I’m happy to be able to imitate the sunbae I respect the most on stage.

target #3: key

- leaves a deep impression, has a lot of ideas
- one of staff’s phone rang, the ringtone was Lachata, he then took out his phone and played Lachata and started wiggling to it
- He asked how to say fries in Chinese (in English), and then started saying “shu tiao! shu tiao!” to let the staff know he was hungry

COOL: You’re naturally very talented in dancing, and you’re the member who picks up choreography the fastest in the group. You are also exceptional at imitating girl group dances. As the “almighty key”, has there been anything new you’ve wanted to try?

Key: Right now I haven’t thought about it, but if there’s an opportunity in the future, I will perform it for everyone.
COOL: What do you think should always be preserved?

Key: Freedom, doing whatever you want to do.
COOL: So on shows you can say anything.

Key: My personality was always like that.
COOL: You did well!

Key: Hahaha…..but the hyungs have been unhappy about it before.
COOL: It feels like you have a lot of ideas about fashion design.

Key: Yes, I contributed a lot of my ideas when shooting for our mini-album. Usually the members would also exchange ideas.
COOL: Do you take care of your appearance a lot? What is the most important “point” of outer appearance?

Key: All of it. I think you have match from head to toe. You’re most handsome when you coordinate everything.

#4: minho

- handsome & good-looking
- he was so tall that they had to keep raising the background higher (for the photoshoot) and when he realized this, he seemed like a kid that had found out he had done something wrong
- when the translator misinterpreted the question as “You were picked to be in SHINee for your looks”, he looked hurt, while the other members were laughing their heads off (they re-translated and then he smiled)

COOL: As Dream Team’s ace, you interact really well with your sunbaes. What have you learned from them?

Minho: I’m the youngest there, and the age gap between the sunbaes is pretty big. They always give me a lot of advice, like how to do variety shows well, how to make it interesting, and encourage me with things like that. Doing the show is not only fun, I also learned a lot of things I normally wouldn’t learn, it’s a really good show.
COOL: Even though it’s been said that you were scouted because of your outstanding looks (other members: hahahaha!), you’ve made a lot of improvement since debut. What have you personally worked hard at?

Minho: Before going on stage I would practice a lot, and I would also discuss a lot with my members. Through experience on-stage, I would become better at performing. I began recognizing my strengths and weaknesses, and would practice continuously to improve them.
COOL: Your performance in shows like Star King have been getting better and better. Which side of you would you want to show to everyone the most?

Minho: I want to show my personal charm. It would be better to say I want everyone to see SHINee’s different sides. Every time I’m on a show, I would work hard to perform well. Since variety shows are there to make everyone happy, I will try hard to create joy.

#5: jonghyun

- no matter what they started talking about, they’d always end up talking about music with him
- even though he talked a lot, he liked listening to the members’ answers and laughed the hardest when Taemin accidentally wrote “2100″ instead of “2010″
- he hit Minho back into his seat (or something like that)

COOL: On stage, you’re very bling bling. Is this something you deliberately do, or were you naturally like that?

Jonghyun: I usually practice a lot, so when I’m performing on stage it becomes easy.
COOL: Other than singing, do you have another personal talent?

Jonghyun: My favourite thing seems to only be singing, I’m also learning how to write lyrics and compose songs. After I’m developed enough in these areas, I want to show another side of me.
COOL: Everyone said they could see Jonghyun’s limitless possibility through “Juliette”, what do you think?
Jonghyun: Of course I’m very thankful.
COOL: Will you continue to try and master this type of activity?

Jonghyun: Of course, I’m still only beginning to learn. I will work hard from now on.
COOL: Jonghyun’s singing is full of uniqueness. As a singer, which do you think is most important among voice, technique, and composing ability?

Jonghyun: I think as a singer, you need emotion when doing a musical piece. No matter if you’re a lyricist or a composer, I think this is really important.
COOL: What kind of music do you want to do the most?

Jonghyun: R&B, music that people can relate to.
COOL: Your voice is really suitable for it.

Jonghyun: Xie xie! (Thank you!)

Credits: kpoprants@wordpress

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