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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

!An Interview with Kim Junho 100316

Entertainment News
Star Inteview
2010/03/16 08:24:27
TVXQ’s Junsu (real name Kim Junsu) born in January 1, 1987, has a biovular twins brother. Kim Junho an older brother of Junsu who appeared in the variety program “Introduced the Friend of The Star (MBC)” in 2008, is a very tall (187cm) and very handsome man with a talent which is comparable to his younger brother Junsu and he became a hot topic and acquired the first place by search word ranking of the portal site at that time.
However, after his program appearance at MBC, the people memorized Kim Junho as “An older brother of Junsu”. He decided not to lean on the title called “The older brother of Junsu”, instead he magnificently chose to stand on the stage listed as “Kim Junho”. Therefore the first act of Kim Junho will be opened in capital of China, Beijing on the 28th instead of Korea.
■ Why do you debut in China?
Kim Junho unusually makes his debut as a singer in China not in Korea. “Junho Showcase in Beijing” is his debut stage which is performed in Beijing, China on the 28th.
Junsu will stand on the stage too, as a “Covering Fire” of his older brother at the showcase with 2,000 scale seats.
“Not only at Beijing, Junsu will also participate the showcase in Tokyo (April 18) and at Singapore (May 1). Because my younger brother cooperates, how stouthearted I feel…” said Junho.
Kim Junho shows his first single at his showcase, with a dance music “放開我/Let go of me” and a ballad music “我爱你/I love you”, to aim to grasp the enthusiastic heart of the Chinese woman fans.
“‘放開我/Let go of me’ is the musical piece that can show a quality of man and his charisma. I tried to express the figure which suffers for a beloved woman in various ways”, explained Junho.
As for Kim Junho, he received training in Chinese language study at 中国師範大学/Beijing Shifan Daxue, (Chinese instructor University) for one year until last January. During his internship, he met existing positioned office (中国/Chinese Bias) representative and reached this Chinese debut.
“China has the system that a singer actively performs as an actor, so for preparation, I studied for an acting debut for two years before getting ready to become a singer. With an influence of the shining power of Junsu, my debut could have been firmly established much earlier if I made my debut in Korea, but I wanted to succeed in myself and so I chose to go to China”, said Junho.
■ The talented person who received love call from “SK Wyverns” (*A Professional Baseball Team in Korea.)
As for Kim Junho, he was expected the future as a baseball player in the days when he was a student. He, who grasped a ball for the first time in elementary school, went down the mound by an injury at the time of his college freshman year. He was a talented person as he was scouted by SK Wyverns before being injured. At the time of Seoul 한서/ Han Seo High School senior year, he participated in a national spring baseball tournament and threw 142 kilos per an hour fast balls.
“I pitched well in the preliminary of the tournament in spring and received a love call from SK. However, during my practice time for the final tournament, due to my ankle which I hurt previously, I could not use my lower body well and by using my arm excessively, in the end, I broke my shoulder and my elbow and I gave up being a professional picture after all”, explained Junho.
He entered 부산동의대/Pusan Dong Eui University and planned a comeback, but quit school at a freshman year without being able to shake off the nightmare of the injury. A big loss was founded inside his heart who gave up his baseball carrier.
■ Junsu is a younger brother and he is a mental support
“The time when it was the hardest for me was the time when I quit baseball. I helped my father’s work while taking a rest. I went to watch the performance of my younger brother with my parent’s at that time. My younger brother who took the shout of joy from his enthusiastic fans looked very cool and I was very proud of him. However, when a performance was over, I cried inside of a car suddenly on my way back, because I thought, what am I doing?”
■There was always my younger brother near me. I was able to live in the second life for my younger brother.
“My younger brother was always in the place where I was together with me. When I played baseball, he came to the baseball stadium and supported me and at the time of this album work, he encouraged me and brought food for me at dawn even when he was having serious days for his musical performance. My younger brother said to me that he likes it when people say to him, ‘your older brother is more handsome than you’. He wishes my success more than anyone. ‘What is Junsu to me?’ He is my mental support and also my senior in the entertainment world.”
Source: http://www.chosunonline.com/entame/20100316000011
Translated by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
Shared by: Sharingyoochun.net+OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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