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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

!Jin Jeehee shots a Super Star K Season 2 with 2PM

Haree(Jin, jeehee), an unmanageable child, who is a famous girl character of High-kick season 2  shot a trailer for "Super Star K season 2" with 2pm(Taec & Wooyoung)

Haree showed her own charm - shameless and rude girl as her character, so audiences will have fan with that trailer and get some information from it. 

The trailer staring 2PM Taec, Wooyoung and Haree was on air since 12th, March via Mnet, and became the topics of conversation more and more around the applicants for the audition.
Haree and 2PM Taec, Wooyoung met each other to make a trailer on 2th, March.

The staffs thought Haree would show some funny and exciting mood as her character in the shooting studio, but she was really well-behaved so the whole staffs  were a little confused. Haree really liked 2pm so she was too shy to behave noisily.

Kim tae eun PD said "Haree shot a video cheerfully at the first time, but after 2pm's entering, she really felt shy. A pink glow mounted to her cheeks, yeah. So, we should promise that 2pm would not watch her when she was dancing."

And the PD added, "2PM really adored her and admired her performance, the mood of studio was very nice and cool".

Super star K is the audition program of Mnet media, its purpose is to find the singers with full potential and energize the whole K-pop industry. 

It became famous since it had special concept and invited famous referee, as like Yang-hyunsuk, Lee, Horee, Lee, Seungchul and Yoon, chongshin. The highest rating was 8. 47% and total participants were more than 720,000. And it took the lead of singing cultre of Korea.

And it found some new-stars: The finalist SEO, inkook, Kil, hakmee, Park, Taejin, Cho, Moonkeun , Jung, seulki and Kim. Kookwhan. The total applicants for this program season 2 are more than 400, 000 now.

Source: Artsnews | Kor-Eng translation: all-in-all @2pmalways.com | Coordinator: Cassina @2pmalways.com

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