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Sunday, March 14, 2010

!Leeteuk:’ Super Junior Is My Everything’

Last year korean idol boyband Super Junior had been through many uphills and downhills, with fellow members Kangin suspended from all his activties and chinese member Hangeng filing for a contract termination.
For the first time ever, Super junior’s leader of the 13 membered boyband group Leeteuk has stepped out and spoken out about Kangin and Hangeng.
Translation taken from @twelfs.
Leeteuk’s love towards Super Junior is completely different from others. Even though he is currently active being a MC, he puts Super Junior above everything. For the year 2009, it held an great significance to him due to their 3rd album “Sorry Sorry” becoming a huge hit. However, he was very heartbroken because of all the bad occurrences happening to fellow members.
“2009 was a very significant year for Super Junior. However, the departure of Hangeng and Kangin’s incident will always be a painful ordeal for us. When Kangin had committed a mistake for the first time, I encouraged him telling him that “it’s alright”, but when he committed another mistake, I reprimanded him because I was very disappointed. Nevertheless, Kangin is still a very important member to me. Hangeng too, no matter when he comes back I’ll still welcome him back warmly.”
“At the Taiwan concert, I was extremely happy when he saw the local artists amongst the audience dancing to ‘Sorry Sorry’. I am starting to gain the confidence to begin our overseas promotions. However, I feel a bit regretful for the absence of some fellow members because only when all 13 members are gathered together is when we’re truly Super Junior.”
Shared by: SJ Family + kPOP THE WORLD
English translation: marchocho @ TwELFs.com

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