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Saturday, March 20, 2010

![NEWS] Kim Yu-na not a superhuman after all? Falls behind at university !

Olympic figure skating champion Kim Yu-na may be formidable on the ice, but she is in trouble academically. A second-year student in physical education at Korea University, she received two Fs last year and is reportedly determined to pay more attention to her academic endeavors this year.

Kim barely made it to class last year. Although Korea University runs special morning curriculum for athletes, Kim mostly trains and competes overseas, so it was almost impossible for her to attend.
It seems she was also unable to complete assessed assignments or turn in reports replacing exams on time. Apart from attendance, it would be difficult for the university not to give her failing grades when there is so little they can use to evaluate her performance.

As an athlete in the national team, Kim can submit training plans to make up for attendance. In the second semester last year, Kim sent emails to the professors of the classes she registered and sought their understanding for being unable to attend classes. As for tests, she is required to replace them with written assignments. While she is abroad, she can submit them via email, and when she is in Korea, she visits the university to hand them in herself.

Kim needs to take 140 credits in order to graduate, and it seems unlikely that she will be able to graduate in the normal four years, as that requires her to take 18 to 20 credits a semester. From next year, Kim will be able to take classes at a partner university of Korea University in Toronto and transfer the credits.

Source: The Chosun Ilbo
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