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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

![News] Siwon picked again as the lead for ''Speedy Scandal''

Boy group Super Junior’s Choi SiWon is going after a ‘daddy role’ in his new main drama.
‘Oh My Lady’ is SBS drama following ‘Stars Falling From the Sky’, first airing on 22nd. Choi SiWon is the main character ‘Sung MinWoo’ in the drama.

In the role, Sung MinWoo is guy who reached the top star spot just by his handsome face. With his hot body and hot face, he makes girls’ heart throb, but is criticized for his bad acting. Meaning he became the top star just with his face. SMW is hard to tame, self-obnoxious character.

Typical Korean ajumma Yoon GaeHwa (Chae Rim) come in and tames SMW. Of course, they go through several conflicts at first, but an incident happens where YGH has to stay as SMW’s manager
The conflict is that a six-year old girl comes to see SMW and tells him she’s his daughter. Just like the movie “Speedy Scandal” starring Cha TaeHyun and Park BoYoung, SMW becomes ‘a daddy’ in a blink of an eye.
Now YGH becomes his savior. Everything is discovered by YGH, and YGH takes the role of SMW’s manager and a babysitter. This makes them get closer between them.

‘Oh My Lady’ is Choi SiWon’s first drama as a main character. He has starred in one-episode dramas or movies, but he has never taken the role of main character, making ‘OML’ his first drama challenge.
For his first try, Choi SiWon acts as a daddy. As he is already a hallyu-top star in Asia as a member of Super Junior, it is easier for him to relate as SMW. But he has never been a dad before, where the role might be a challenge to relate to.

There has been a lot of boy idols who had their shots at acting, but Choi SiWon is giving a daddy role a shot for the first time as an idol. The fans are already getting excited about how he’s going to portray the role when he has never had a child before.

The Movie ‘Speedy Scandal’ has reached over 700million audience, making Park BoYoung a new top star. As ‘OML’ has similar settings to it, there is a interest in people whether or not it will be like the movie.

Original article: Mydaily
English translation/Source: 
Chrissy @ TwELFs.com

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