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Sunday, March 7, 2010

!Non-no Magazine No.6 – Tohoshinki’s Interview Parts 1&2

Find out about the popular 5! their “right now” Q&A!
- what they’re feeling, messages to the fans…see the five’s true face-

The charisma singer that is called “Asia’s treasure”

Q1. What are actions/words that makes you want to hug her (girlfriend)
1. When shes jealous. If I had to go to work where there are girls I want the girl to say “don’t go~”or “noo~”. It’ll make me happy and it’s cute. But if she says it too much its not good!! *laughs*
Q2. Tell us your “sexy point”
2. Butt! It’s small…like kind of looking up… its プリっとしてる♡( there is no words in english that can be used but he uses a word that japanese people would say when they saw something like pudding. He uses it like his butt is cute) I couldn’t think of anything but my butt.
Q3. What do you think is necessary for a “cool” man
3. Someone who can consider peoples feelings. Even if it’s towards a women or his friends someone who thinks about others before himself.and of course when hes working too I think that’s manly.
Q4. Tell us your face icons you use a lot on your cellphone
4. I use it a lot when I’m embarrassed/shy or have trouble.
Q5. What is the song you have a lot of memory of
5. Whenever I sing “Forever love” I cry! the melody and the lyrics really… hits my heart. There are more sad songs but this song is….I seem to link it to my experience. When we sang it at lives and at Tokyo Dome I cried a lot. I try to hold it in so that the melody and the tune won’t be messed up but because I’m trying to hold it in it changes a lot *laughs*. It’s a song that you can really cry!! The part that’s moving the most is when I look at Yoochun’s face and sing in harmony. It makes me want to cry and Yoochun looks like hes going to too. And the last part when Jaejoong and I sing in harmony too!!
Q6. What song is in your ipod that you listen to heavy rotation
6. Brian Mcknight’s “one last cry”. I like the whole song. I’ve been listening to it for a while but now I sing it too. I’m constantly putting it on repeat.
Q7. Tell us what you think about your new album
7. I’m really happy that we’re releasing a best album. I think that we were able to come this far is because of everyone’s support and that gave us power. This album has Tohoshinki’s memories from the tough times and the good times. I want everyone to listen to it a lot.

Fluent in English,sexy boy with a low voice

Q1. What are actions/words that makes you want to hug her (girlfriend)
1. When she wakes up in the morning and her hair is a little messy and she wears a guys shirt and brushes her teeth. It’d make me want to hug her~.
Q2. Tell us your “sexy point”
2. Not my wide forehead but my thick lips!! Especially the bottom lip is thick and it used to be thicker! Right after my mom had me she said she thought “what!? he has thick lips!” *laughs*.
Q3. What do you think is necessary for a “cool” man
3. A guy with composure. Someone who’s relaxed. Lately I go out as much as I can instead of staying home. I go on a drive alone in Korea and I want to drive in Japan too but the lane is on the opposite side and I’m worried about the different traffic rules.
Q4. Tell us your face icons you use a lot on your cellphone
4. It’s like “hurry up and come~!”. I use it even if I’m sad or happy.
Q5. What is the song you have a lot of memory of
5. “SHINE”. Honestly when I first listened to it I thought it had a weak impact but now it’s a happy song ad the music video is stylish and the dance is good too.So I wish we could have promoted this longer.
Q6. What song is in your ipod that you listen to heavy rotation
6. Lil Wayne and the east side boys feat. Usher and Ludacris’s “lovers and friends”. The arrange is really simple yet it expresses the song really well. Tohoshinki songs….. I listen to it, someeeeeeetimes. *laughs*
Q7. Tell us what you think about your new album
7.みなさん、ご機嫌うるわしゅう!今回のアルバムよろしゅうに!(he uses very formal japanese meaning everyone, how are you! and please enjoy this album/ look after this album) Our past songs, our performance I don’t want everyone to listen to it remembering the past but i want everyone to listen to it and think of our future performances and new songs… i want people to listen to it with expectation for our future. It’s full with future hopes.

Beautiful face x beautiful voice. but is a little spontaneous?

Q1. What are actions/words that makes you want to hug her (girlfriend)
1. When I see a petite girl. It’s not my type or anything but I just think “I want to hug her”. Don’t you think small girls look cute? Words that would make my heart skip a beat… what is there… like “I’m sleepy” has someone said it to me? no no! It’s just my imagination!!
Q2. Tell us your “sexy point”
Q3. What do you think is necessary for a “cool” man

2 and 3. How I have broad shoulders. In Korea they like muscular boys so I work out when I go to Korea but when I come back to Japan I stop! Since in Japan grazing boys (non-aggressive boys) are popular. So I’m adapting myself to the place. My body is so busy!
Q4. Tell us your face icons you use a lot on your cellphone
4. Yoochun and I had the same but since Yoochun drew the same one~! so I’ll use this. If I got a e-mail saying “Jaejoong did you eat?” I’ll say “yeah, I ate!!” thats how I use it.
Q5. What is the song you have a lot of memory of
5. “Love in the ice”♡ I think it’s the most moving song. I cry often too. The last part and the bridge when everyone sings each of their part I cry! I like “share the world” too. It feels nice when I sing it!!
Q6. What song is in your ipod that you listen to heavy rotation
6. Son by an artist called “JHoliday”. They sing well too but the arranging is really good. He’s a Jaejoong type. I listen to Tohoshinki song someeeeeeetimes. Last time I wanted tell my friend in Korea that “in Japan we’re like this” so i had him listen to “the secret code” album and he said “there was a lot of surprising songs”. Since in Korea and Japan we have different images. My friends said “I didnt know you can sing these songs too”. My friends reactions are really good!
Q7. Tell us what you think about your new album
7. Personally, I feel that its a waste that “Kiss the baby sky” isn’t in it. It was a song that’s loved so much!!” 愛せない 愛したい” (Aisenai Aishitai-can’t love want to love) too! If we can I wanted to put all the songs in but its the best song out of all the best we sang so please listen to it a lot!

Even though hes the youngest, hes responsible and has a high voice that attracts people.

Q1. What are actions/words that makes you want to hug her (girlfriend)
1. The back of a girl cooking. Not just cooking but washing the dishes or doing chores. If it’s a word “I”m cold”. It makes me want to protect her.
Q2. Tell us your “sexy point”
2. My jaw line? I’ve been working out so i got a little sharper.
Q3. What do you think is necessary for a “cool” man
3. Not being chased by time, and someone who has composure. I think those are the guys I like right now. Like if you had to leave at 3, you’ll be prepared by 250. I’m trying to use my day off or break time at work wisely and fully.
Q4. Tell us your face icons you use a lot on your cellphone
4. It’s laughing but a little shy. When I feel bad or I’m joking I use it. I’m lazy to e-mail so I tend to call more but if I have a girlfriend I’ll e-mail with her constantly!!
Q5. What is the song you have a lot of memory of
5. “Beautiful you”. Where the filming took place was at a wedding hall and it was really pretty. I thought if I got married at a place like this in front of everyone I’d get congratulated a lot and it’d probably make me really happy *laughs*. That’s what I thought and that’s why I remember it so much. I like he lyrics of the bridge. I think everyone has had love like that. Because it has a simple phrase I think that’s why people can relate to it.
Q6. What song is in your ipod that you listen to heavy rotation
6. Maroon 5’s “Sunday morning”. I listen to it at least once a day.
Q7. Tell us what you think about your new album
7. This album isn’t a “best album” but it’s a “best selection” so we picked and picked from all the Tohoshinki songs and picked songs that everyone would love so please to it from the beginning to the very last song.

His dance is like art, the leader you can rely

Q1. What are actions/words that makes you want to hug her (girlfriend)
1. If I saw her cooking for me. I’ll want to hug her. If it’s words… like “I just love you”. But I’ve never had anyone say it to me!! *laughs*
Q2. Tell us your “sexy point”
2. When I’m wet? After taking a bath i tend to look at the mirror. But out of the five I’m the least to look at the mirror. Junsu and Jaejong looks at it a lot!
Q3. What do you think is necessary for a “cool” man
3.Action more than words.and I think responsibility is the most important. I think its important that you can protect the people around you by not just words but by making a move. I’m working on it too~
Q4. Tell us your face icons you use a lot on your cellphone
4. “someone and me, believe” that’s the meaning of this 3 and I use it as a set. I use it when I say “it’s okay~” or “be happy~!!”
Q5. What is the song you have a lot of memory of
5. Our debut song “Hug”.I think there’s Tohoshinki because there was this song. I loved the song back then too but it was out first recording so there’s probably parts where we weren’t good….. like our pronunciation *laughs*. It’s good that you can tell there’s a lot of passion but it seems too stiff? It feels like “oh- their new!”. It’s sad that “愛せない 愛したい” (Aisenai Aishitai-Can’t love Want to love) isn’t in this album. I love the lyrics but we were young and didn’t understand it completely. If we sang it now maybe everyone will understand it better!
Q6. What song is in your ipod that you listen to heavy rotation
6. Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” I listen to it a lot.
Q7. Tell us what you think about your new album
7. It has a lot of memory ever since Tohoshinki’s debut and you can see and feel our growth. In the DVD there are different types of “Rising Sun” and you can really feel our growth. So I want everyone to listen to it carefully once. I hope it can make a new memory from this one album. This album is a present from us.
source: [non-no magazine No.6 3/20]
trans by: [Rieko@sharingyoochun]
shared by: [OneTVXQ.com, everydaydbsk.wordpress.com]



I want to become an adult who can handle work and love at the same time

When I’m with my members only, I’m really quiet. It isn’t that I’m super-quiet, but I’m shy. I was really shy back then, and it was worse then. I was really at loss when it came to meeting people for the first time, even in normal places. I didn’t know what I should talk about. I’m especially weak when it comes to girls (laughs). I really wanted to talk to them, but I couldn’t speak well. I’ve become better lately…but compared with the members, I’m not! Because I’m not good at talking, I like girls who are bright (Note: weird wording). But if I meet a girl I like, I’ll definitely confess to her first. That’s because I’m a guy!
I work hard at telling jokes…and I really want to thank the people who tell me they’re funny even when they’re not (laughs). The funny thing is that I would tell them to myself to raise my spirits sometimes. That’s because I become happy when everyone laughs. However, I don’t want to have to think hard about carrying out jokes or relationships, I want to naturally do it.
I want to live showing my true self to others. These thoughts may change as I grow older, but I really don’t know yet. But…I want to become capable adult, whether it’s for work, in private, or for my state of mind…and of course for the girl I love! It’s embarassing~~ (laughs)!!


I have various charms (laughs)

I’m not really sure about myself, but people around me say I’m free, sexy, difficult to approach, and other things… But I guess that means I’m charming in various ways! Hahaha (laughs)!! I always treasure the people I like, like the staff, my family, and others close to me, but to not let others who don’t really know me misunderstand me, I usually only say greetings. That’s why, I hear that I have a cold personality often. They tell me greetings are different from properly talking to them. It’s not that I’m afraid of showing myself to others, but I’m not good at making friends with others from the start.
But personally, I think greetings are important, and I greet others often, so I wonder why others still tell me that I have a cold personality… (laughs bitterly). When I’m with the members, I get high when Junsu does. I really want to thank him for being sensitive (lit: reading the atmosphere)and livening up the atmosphere at times. But I’m quick at reading the atmosphere/situation too! It’s not that I consciously read into something, but I can feel it immediately from others’ expressions and their words.
But when I’m too sensitive to others reactions (lit: read too much into atmosphere) and hold back what I want to say, I feel like exploding from stress. To move forward from those times, and to forget things I want to forget, I hint to them sometimes. If I do that, I really do forget after a month. I’m proud of that (laughs). Well, I’m basically a positive person! I enjoy work too! I feel lucky.


I’m a bit masochistic during work. I don’t want to become overly full of myself.

Even though I thought my image in my first meeting was very important…how should I say this…my image was a bit weak?? It’s more like I looked like a bad boy. But after I debuted in Japan I became a brighter. I thought my image was colder in Korea, and I wanted to change my image a bit. I mean, wouldn’t you dislike it if my personality was the same as my appearance? I’m sad when people misunderstand me.
For example, if Junsu says “Idiot!”, others would see it like a joke. But if I say the same thing, everyone would probably think I really mean it. The normal Jejung is absolutely not cold at all~ If I had to say it in one word, I’m a bit M (laughs). When everyone says “I’m tired~ It’s too bothersome~”, I’ll say “I’ll do it first!” Changmin is the same. We like work!!
I am a bit spontaneous too. I would suddenly become happy and sad sometimes, a bit masochistic in work, but I think I’m an S-type in love… But I’m conscious of these sides. Because I know myself the best (laughs). I want to treasure this gap. Well, I don’t want to become overly full of myself (Lit: Doesn’t want to refer to himself as ore-sama). I would hate that. I want to become a friendly companion to everyone.


Recently, I’ve become more mature and fixed my shyness.

Even though it’s embarrassing to say this out of my own mouth, I thought that I had the face of a “good boy” and a “good student” from a long time ago. But I felt pressured because of those views. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks this, but I feel that I must always show my best side to others. Contrary to everyone’s thoughts, I’m really not a good student (laughs)!!
The truth is, I’m usually unsparing (when criticizing). Actually, I’m more at ease when I’m like that. I feel that I can’t hold myself back anymore, and I’ve given up completely. I’ve become colder to others. I’m determined not to look back, even when it’s in love. People often say I’m shy, but I’ve changed recently and became more mature. But I still place utmost importance when it comes to consideration for girls. I have two younger sisters, and when I was young, my father often told me to treat girls kindly.
Unknowingly, it’s become part of me. I do want to be kind to my sisters…but I haven’t said it aloud. It’s a bit embarrassing tell them that I’m grateful for them and for their love because it’s family… Actually, my whole family isn’t good at saying those things. I guess we’re all shy. But we have a sharp tongue. I guess we’re that type of family (laughs).


I’ll protect the person I love with my life

I work hard as Tohoshinki’s leader, but when I’m with my friends or members, I’m just a normal guy. I am courteous, and tell jokes too. Although my original personality doesn’t change, I’m different from the Yunho you see at work. I’m a bit more energetic. Changmin always tells me, “Yunho-aniki (older brother) seems pure and simple like a high school student.” That’s because Changmin usually emits more of an aura than I do (laughs).
Lately, I personally enjoy traveling here and there. Even when I’m busy, I try to make time for travelling. Changmin is filming in Jejudo right now, and I went there to cheer him on, telling him to do his best. I also snowboarded there! It was a great adventure. I didn’t know how people my age pass their days before. I wore a mask and a cap, and dressed like a normal university student. Just by walking here and there in that 5-6 hours, I felt that there are so many people living their various lives to the fullest. That became my drive, and I carried a new attitude towards my work.
Because I’m the leader, I tend to be the leading type in love. If I like someone, I would date her for a long time, like 3-4 years. I cannot date or love someone lightly. But I would probably observe her as a friend for 2-3 years before dating her. If I then think she really is a good girl, I would immediately confess to her. But right now, I still have my dreams and I need to work hard at my job and level myself up. After that, I’ll protect the girl I love with my life.
Photo Inspired by Purple Line
Translation by: [whisperpuppies@soompi]

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