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Thursday, March 11, 2010

!The reason for lack of idol couples

With the trend of couples in the Korean entertainment business making public their relationship a common occurence nowadays, why aren’t there any idol couples among them?
Just like what former g.o.d. member Danny Ahn said on Strong Heart before, many idols do date their same-age counterparts but they often do it in secret and even so, it’s hard to get acknowledged.
The biggest reason is ultimately lies with the idols’ management agencies. Some of them keep tabs on their artists by taking away their mobile phones while they are doing promotions or just grouping them together in a dorm.

If scandals between idol members get spread around, it might lead to tragic occurrences among their fans and cause problems to the members themselves. Babyvox’s Kan Mi Yeon was reportedly rumoured to be dating H.O.T’s Moon Hee Jun in 1999 which led to the latter’s fans sending threatening letters and shaving blades with blood to her. This was reported to the police but nothing came out of it.

With the target group of their fans being young girls especially for male idols, they either do not date anyone or choose to keep it really secret and it’s standard practice.
A related source said, “That’s why compared with actors, the dating period between idol singers are relatively short and they break up fast.”
KARA’s manager explained, “Even though many idol singers get paired up as a couple during variety shows, it’s hard to go beyond that and go into a real relationship. Even if they do date, it will end pretty quickly because they are unable to face the eventual consequences or their companies stepping in to break them up.”

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