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Thursday, March 11, 2010

! The reason why Siwon only ate chicken breast and made chocolate

Super Junior's Choi Shiwon is keen on shaping his body in order to change into an actor.

SBS's new Monday/Tuesday drama ‘Oh! My Lady’(Writer Goo Sunkyung/Director Park Youngsu /Production Pan Entertainment)'s Choi Shiwon revealed that he ate chicken breast in order to prepare for his role of playing a top star.

Following ‘Pick the Stars/Stars Falling from the Sky’, the first broadcast of ‘Oh! My Lady’ will air starting from March 22nd and it is about a newbie ajjumma manager training a rough pretty boy and is a drama overall about the success generation of the Korean ajjumma. Choi Shiwon play the main character role as a pretty boy star named Sung Minwoo.

Choi Shiwon says “Minwoo, who is top star, has a slim and well toned body as well as abs. So I purposely mostly ate chicken breast and in my spare time, I strengthed my body with exercise.” Also “Because of that, I lost 8kg and my abs became more noticeable. This is helping me change into Minwoo”.

Following that he said that, “This is my first time as a lead in a drama so I'm nervous. Especially since it won't be easy to play a rough top star ”. Also “Even so, Heechul hyung and Kibummie, two members of my group Super Junior who have been acting before me, told me to relax and gave me a lot of advice about this and that which I am paying close attention to. I'm very thankful towards the two of them”.

He also spoke about his Chaerim who will would be working with, saying “If we speak in terms of acting, she is a greater sunbaenim but she is so kind so she makes me feel very comfortable.” and laughed that it was “To the extent that I don't even feel like she is a sunbaenim”.

Lastly, he explained the reason why we must watch the drama saying “Us actors are happy just looking at the script” and “Especially now that we can feel that warm feelings of Spring, I would like it if the audience could also smile happily as they watch our drama” and requested that a lot of people tune in.

Chaerim, Choi Shiwon, Lee Hyunwoo, Park Hanbyul, Moon Junghee and others will appear on ' Oh! My Lady' which will follow 'Pick the Stars/Stars Falling from the Sky’ and will air every Monday, Tuesday at 8:40 PM.

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