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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

!SNSD’s Jessica takes pictures of her members while they’re changing?

Today’s broadcast of SBS’s Strong Heart was quite different as a girl idol member talked about kissing.
In addition to that, SNSD’s Sunny shared a surprising story about her team member Jessica.
Nicknamed ‘Pervert Sica,’ it has been revealed that Jessica takes pictures of her fellow members while they are changing!
Sunny commented,
“Because we’re all girls, we change into our clothes in the waiting room together. However, one time when we were changing, we heard a camera clicking from somewhere and we were surprised. It turned out that it was Jessica who took a candid picture of us and she was laughing. We told her to erase it but she answered, ‘No, this is going to be my memorable keepsake.’ While she was laughing at looking at the pictures, she also bragged ‘I have yours and yours…’
In response, Jessica stated,
“Those are somethings that only I have.”
Shindong of Super Junior also added,
“Honestly, in groups there are a lot of those kind of pictures. Right now, in my cell phone I have a picture of Leeteuk’s body. But the reason I have the picture is that if this person turns his back on me later…”
He also added,
“At first, they say, ‘What are you doing?!’ But later, they have fun taking the pictures!”
In the end, Jessica took the hint from Shindong and to Sunny’s shocked expression, said that the picture might come in handy in the future. MC Kang Ho Dong then caused the audience into laughter as he stated, “Where is this cell phone?” And even MC Lee Seung Gi gave it a go, saying, “Where is the location of your house?”

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