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Thursday, March 25, 2010

!Sunny "Jessica is... perverted. She has a paparazzi collection."

SNSD's Sunny has revealed Jessica's tendency to be perverted.

In SBS's "Strong Heart" which aired March 23, Jessica and Sunny showed off their witty talking skills. On this day Jessica stated, "This year, all of SNSD are now in their 20's. Whenever words like 'boyfriend', 'date', or 'kiss' comes out, the kids go crazy" and got the attention of the crowd.

She added, "Because we're idols, we can't imagine walking with our boyfriends and kissing in public. One day, while we were in our van, we witnessed a couple who was holding each other and kissing. While the other members were being embarrassed and saying 'Oh my..', Sunny was staring at the couple and I shouted 'Oh~ Look at them!'" She reenacted what she did at the time and caused a laughter in the studio. Jessica said, "After that day, everyone kept calling me perverted."

In relation, Sunny mentioned, "Being accused of being perverted was not since then," which caused the guests to be curious. Sunny added, "While we were changing in the waiting room, there was a sound of a camera. When I turned around, it was Jessica's act of paparazzi." This made Jessica embarrassed.

When Sunny told Jessica to erase it, Jessica said that it was a precious memory and ended up keeping it. It was revealed that Jessica looks at the pictures and laugh by herself. Jessica seemed proud to have the "ByunSica Collection".

Following this story, MC Kang Hodong and Lee Seungki gained great attention to Jessica's cell phone. When Kang Hodong asked where the cell phone was right now, Jessica answered, "I'm keeping it safe in the dorm." Lee Seungki also managed to cause a laughter by asking, "Where is your dorm located?"

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