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Thursday, March 11, 2010

!T-ara anti-s attack Eunjung, but netizens are on Eunjung's side!

For artists, shedding off clothes and showing off skin is a hard thing to do. T-ara are currently promoting their bonus track 'Go Crazy Because of You' and aside from youngest Jiyeon, all of the members are showing skin.

One person's body in particular has sparked a hater's mind. For their outfits, Leader Eunjung has been wearing an outfit that shows off her stomach. Anti-s have went on to attack her by calling her fat, unhealthy and that she should trim down. Other artists like Kara's Hara, 2ne1's Park Bom, SNSD's Tiffany, and even Wonder Girls' rapper Yoobin have been attacked with nasty comment over the net for their image.

But other netizens beg to differ. They simply call Eunjung's image as - healthy and that of a real woman. They said "it's obvious that she has a flat tummy and that she is fit. It's the pants that are too tight(as shown in the pic, the pants are tight)". The netizens appreciate T-ara's leader for her healthy image and figure. More positive response came out after someone posted that Eunjung is a big fan of vitamins! A fan of T-ara encouraged Eunjung by leaving a message such as "Eunjung(unnie) you are beautiful no matter what they say. We like your body and we believe it's the stylists' fault for not giving you the correct size."


Cr: Newsen
Translation: *YANiPOPO* @ tiaradiadem.com

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