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Thursday, March 11, 2010

!There is no aftermath of boycott by 2pm fanclub

There was a rumor that 2pm fanclub terrorized the Spris shop as a kind of boycott movement, but it is clearly not true. Some 2pm fanclubs do boycott because of Jay's permanent out of 2PM, but the total sales have not be affected by boycott movement.
On 25th, Feb, JYPE announced that they would cancel the contract with Jay because they thought Jay had some personal problem. After their announcement, some 2pm fanclubs noticed that they would do boycott on the all product advertised by 2pm. They argued that they were against all 2pm activities without Jay
. Jay resigned from 2PM on Sep, 2009, because of his myspace controversy. Fanclubs did boycott at that time and they began to do it again.
Hottest-the 2pm fanclub announced that they would do boycott on all the 8 products advertised by 2pm without Jay after the fanmeeting with JYPE, on 27th, Feb.
And some fans argued, "We will not see the programs which starring 2pm, download their songs, buy their album and buy the things of Coke, Market-o, Spris and so on"
They also added, "We will mail to the company or call, and say that we will do boycott so the company should change their models". Some fans argued that Samsung changed their coby-phone model, into 2ne1 because of the boycott movement.
But this is not true, 2PM is the very model of Coby-touch, and 2ne1 is the model of Coby- folder.

Hankook Yakurt said that their total sales had risen much since they hired 2pm as Santafe model.
One official of this company said, "On last Sep, Jay's fanclubs sent so many mails via fax, and called to the service team too much, so it caused a temporary paralysis in daily services. ", and added, "But the total sales had risen by 70%, I donno it is a result of noise-marketing or not".

And about the announcement which said their contract with 2pm ended on Feb, the official said that "We 'd like to prevent anything caused paralysis in daily services, so we announced the truth."

There was a bad rumor around Spris, too. Spris's slogan is "this is the 2pm style". On 8th, Mar., some fans spreaded the photo which took one spris shop with broken windows. They argued that this was the result of terror by 2pm fans.

Spris said, "There are some mails, calls, and fans who visited the offline shops. But there was no terror." and added, "That movement did not affect the total sales. Maybe other advertiser also agreed with us".
The shop staff explained, "The windows were broken on Feb, but we have plan to redecorate the shop on March, so we has not changed the broken window. The rumor is not true. "

Source: Star.mt
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