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Thursday, March 11, 2010

!The Three Romanticists in LA

The Three Two Romanticists, Yoo Seung Chan and K.Will, did not fail to captivate the audience with their voices at the March 6 concert at the Wiltern Theatre in L.A. Although it was unfortunate that Kim Bum Soo could not attend due to visa issues, the concert was still an enjoyable event for all attendees and music lovers. Those who did not attend or refunded their tickets last minute due to Kim Bum Soo’s absence definitely missed out on an amazing night!
The two singers may have debuted separately but seemed to have much in common. Yoo & K.Will are both ballad singers, sang for drama OSTs, and have versatile voices that allow them to perfect songs from other genres. This ballad duo definitely charmed the audience with their strong and charismatic voices and had everyone leaving the theatre as a fan.

Yoo Seung Chan opened the concert with his song I Love You from the drama Angry Mom, and then greeted the audience with a short self-introduction. Being a rookie, Yoo Seung Chan revealed that that night was his first concert ever, and that he was somewhat glad that it was held in L.A. because it was where he had grown up. He continued on with the concert and sang songs from his 1st single, How Are Yoo and performed other artists’ songs such as Lee Juk’s It’s Fortunate, Jo Kyu Man’s I’ll Give You All, and a trot medley. Yoo Seung Chan was very polite and sweet; he couldn’t stop thanking the audience, in both Korean and English, for attending the event. Although he seemed a bit awkward on stage, his efforts to hold a great first concert was evident throughout the whole night, a trait that appealed to the audience that night. After the concert, Yoo Seung Chan even came down to personally greet and take pictures with the fans, also handing out free copies of his album.


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