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Sunday, March 14, 2010

![Translated] OPPO press conference

Pingbook 2PM, a model for cell phones branded OPPO has flied to Thailand and took part in its debut public appearance for the new models, A100T and A105T at 2.30 pm, Centara Grand, CTW, on this March 13. In addition, they let Thai media interview them closely.
2PM: Hello. We are 2PM.
What is the main activity, coming to Thailand this time?Wooyoung : We are here as the model for OPPO, also, to shoot the CF.

Are there other activities?Nichkhun: This evening, we are going to perform ‘follow you soul’ which is OPPO CF’s song at the forecourt of Central World (CTW). We are going to play some games with fans too.
What is your OPPO’s favorite function? Junho: We enjoy listening to music and the mobile phones have our song ‘Follow your soul’ in them. The quality of sound is crystal-clear so the music would resonate beautifully.
Which member are a cell phone addict and which phone’s program is most used?Teacyeon: Junsu. He cannot live without it since he uses the phone to communicate with his friends and family all the time. While we are staying in Thailand, we uses OPPO’s phones to contact each other.
Nichkhun: When we want to sit quietly in the van, we will text a message. OPPO’s massage function is very user-friendly and convenient. Vocabularies are up-to-date.

If you can design a cell phone, what will it look like?Taecyeon: So colorful that you can see despite the distance.
Junho: I would like it to be a transparent mobile phone.
Wooyoung: I like the way OPPO is.
Junsu: I like OPPO’s design. There are so many models…fold one…touch screen one. If I can design a mobile phone, it will be similar to OPPO’s.
Chansung: I like the design too. Nevertheless, we are singers so we love music. I wish it sounded better.
Nichkhun: 3-D screen! That is what I want.

How about the member’s solo activities?Taecyeon: We are going for our solo activities right now in Korea. I am about to star in a series. Junho and Wooyoung are participate in variety programs. In the mean time, all of us are preparing for the new album.
Chansung : I am on variety shows. Junsu stays at home, composing music.
Nichkhun : Now, I are rehearsing and preparing for the album. 

Your guys are so busy. Have you ever forgotten an important appointment.
Nichkhun : I cannot quite rememeby my friends’ birthdays so I have to set alarm mode in my cell phone. OPPO’s can set its settings in advance to send (Birthday) SMS.

If you have a free time,who is the first person you will call?Junho : Lately, I have missed my mother so much so If I have time, I will call her.
Let’s talk about your hearts (MC is asking about their love life) How have it been? Nichkhun : Still beating (smile) My heart is available.
What is your background picture in your cell?Junho: Ours are all alike. Follow Your soul as ring tone and 2PM photo for Background.
Will there be a concert held in Thailand?
Nichkhun : Currently, we are preparing for one in Korea. We have requested the company that the first overseas concert should be in Thailand.
Any last word for Thai fans?Chansung : Thanks for your encouragements and supports. We hope that you will always love 2PM. Please continue to cheer for us.

Thai-Eng Translation by Kagetsu Crackerbaby K.

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