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Friday, March 19, 2010

![TRANSLATIONS] Big Bang on Chinese Magazine

Q: Its been a long time, what have you guys been doing?
G-Dragon: After promoting BigBang in Japan, i returned to Korea to prepare and promote my solo album. The others were busy with their filming.
SOL: Yes! Everyone is busy with their individual stuff. However, I do visit the pet shop frequently to satisfy my love for animals.

Q: Has anything changed since D-Lite’s return?
TOP: Everyone felt down when D-Lite wasn’t around. Now that everyone is back we can feel the ethusiasium again!

Q: Now that the schedule is fully packed, if you were given one full day of break what will you do?
D-Lite: I would like to visit and eat the local delicacies

Q: If you weren’t a member of BigBang, what do you think you will be doing [as a job]?
SOL: I think we will be living a simple life. Now, we are juggling both school and our singing career. But even if we weren’t singers, due to our love and passion for music, i believe we will still has a job in related fields.

Q: What are your plans for the future?
SOL: I will prepare my second solo album and practice for some new performances.
TOP: Prepare for filming dramas and movies.
D-Lite: I should be preparing for my single.

Q: Do you have any intention to enter an early marriage?
G-Dragon: I have been wanting to get married since a long time ago [laughs]!
D-Lite: I didn’t think too much about it initially but after attending a few weddings, the bliss look on the couples’ faces makes me want to get married too.

Q: Who is the most stubborn member?
TOP: I am the type who is very picky about everything, is that considered stubborn?
VI: Previously when we were heading for dinner, everyone agreed on eating ramen, he [referring to TOP] is the only one who wants to eat sushi.
TOP: I just had the craving for sushi that day! Because it was our fourth day in Japan, I can’t take it anymore! In the end i went to eat sushi by myself [laughs].

Q: Who is the best survivor [on an island with nobody]?
G-Dragon: I’ll definitely not make it. I am afraid of loneliness, can’t live on if I am alone.
D-Lite: Because there is no sushi on the island!
[Everyone laughs]

Maknae only got to speak up once. But the most interesting part of the interview is the part which top insist on eating sushi!
Scanned: miseremei
Translated By: xiao_de @ibigbang

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