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Friday, April 9, 2010

!Cinderella's Sister. Tired of Waiting for Taecyeon When will Taecyeon show up

Viewers are still waiting patiently for singer-turned-actor Taecyeon (2PM) to appear on screen.

Taecyeon, who is having his first acting challenge in KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama "Cinderella's Sister", still hasn't appeared even though the 3rd episode was broadcasted yesterday.

The audience wait is getting longer, wondering when Taecyeon would show up. Taecyeon's character is named "Jung Woo". He's a man willing to lay down his life for the one woman he treasures - Eunjo nuna, the only one, who made him decent meals in his childhood days. Even though Taecyeon is still not present, the child version of his character is there.
Up until the 3rd episode of "Cinderella's sister" the child version of Jung Woo (actor Moon Suk Hwan) was showing up occasionally, adding up a particular flavour to the story.

Right now the young Jung Woo is a plump middle-schooler, but soon Taecyeon is going to play an adult version of the character, who changes into an attractive young man.

According to the script, Taecyeon will show up on the 5th episode next week. With Moon Geun Young (playing Eun Jo), Chun Jung Myung (playing Ki Hoon) and Seo Woo (playing Hyo Sun), Taecyeon's appearance puts finishing touches on the well-versed line up.

Even though the character appears later and has lower portion of screen time than Moon Geun Young, Chun Jung Myung and Seo Woo's characters, the "simple and honest man" who treasures Eun Jo is indispensible for creating melodramatic relationship between all the characters.

Also the present plump boy who eats a lot and speaks in crazy dialect later on transforms into an interesting attractive man through Taecyeon's good looks and acting.

Right now Eun Jo treats Jung Woo like a little child, making him run errands, so it will be the key point to see her change of heart when she meets the grown-up Jung Woo.

Viewers who are tired of waiting for Taecyeon on screen have appealed to the creators of the drama. The viewers board in the drama's website is full of such messages as: "Show Taecyeon faster", "When is Taecyeon showing up, I chose to watch this drama because of Taecyeon. Come out quick", "Taecyeon's role is not that important? Why hasn't he shown up yet?", "When is grown-up Jung Woo showing up?".

The grown up "simple and honest man" Jung Woo played by Taecyeon is expected to appear in the 5th episode on April 14th.

credits: Osen & Memoria
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