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Friday, April 9, 2010

!Hotels in Taiwan fighting for Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls will be in Taiwan on April 21st to April 24th to personally thank the fans for making their “Taiwan Special Edition” album a bestseller as well as topping several charts in the country.
This is Wonder Girls’ first promotion in Taiwan and hotels have been competing against one another to have Wonder Girls as their guests. They even go to the extend of serving beef meals in order to attract the girls to stay in their hotels. Fans are also busy preparing posters and banners to welcome their idols.

‘Nobody’ is popular among Taiwanese and there have been covers of the performance for wedding banquets, year-end occasions and shows. Although the planning for the trip has been kept confidential so far, hoteliers are throwing in everything they can in order to serve Wonder Girls.
According to TVBS reporter, Lin Xin Jie, Super Junior stayed in a 30-square meter Executive Suite the last time they visited Taiwan. The hotel provided top-notch services not only the restaurants but also to the extend of providing a Korean-speaking private housekeeper and 24-hour security staff to ensure the privacy of the artists.

To compete with the rest of the hotels, five-star Grand Hyatt Hotel is proposing a deluxe suite complete with around-the-clock security to protect their privacy, the same suite that Lee Young-Ae once stayed in. European and Western visitors prefer The Sheraton as it focused on separate entrances to protect the privacy of its guests. Another hotel which is the favorite among Korean film stars is the Sherwood Hotel as it provides Korean housekeepers, making the guests feel at home.

Hotel industry expert, Yang Shang Lian said, “we will do everything we can in order to make them our guests. We specially arranged for a private Korean-speaking housekeeper, giving them the best and warm service during their stay”.

Besides the hotels, the fans have also busy with their preparations with online forums dividing their workload and getting ready banners, posters, placards, etc for production. Wonder Girls’ trip to Taiwan will be more than just ‘meet and greet’ and for TV shows. The girls are expected to try out Taiwan delicacies and enjoy the beautiful sceneries around the island.

Source: TVBS
Translation: FANtastic Wonders @ OMGKPOP

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