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Thursday, April 8, 2010

!SNSD members film their cameo scene for Oh! My Lady

On the 7th, Hyoyeon, Jessica and Sooyoung appeared on the filming set to film the cameo scene that they were in. The girls were in a scene where Siwon’s character goes to a fashion show and they are there as fellow celebrities.
When the girls appeared on the filming set, Siwon greeted them with a big smile and the girls then introduced themselves properly to the staff. The girls posed on the red carpet which wasn’t hard since they do that all the time.

Siwon said, “I’m so thankful that they came even though they’re busy. Sooyoung has been taking acting lessons so we talk about acting a lot. I introduce her as my cousin sometimes. We promised to make cameos for each other.”
Sooyoung said, “I always watch Siwon’s dramas. I remember the kiss scene from the first episode. He’s so charming when he acts.”
Jessica said, “I know Siwon oppa wants to act. I hope he becomes a true actor through this drama. I want to try one day as well.”
You can check out the episode on the 12th.


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