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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

!Solbi heading to America, planning for a comeback

After a year long hiatus, singer Solbi released her latest single. Now, she’s scheduled to fly over to America to prepare for her summer album comeback!
In a recent interview she revealed, “I will be releasing an album in the summer. I’m working to show a different image of myself. I will soon be flying to America to meet with the necessary musicians to work with on the album. The concept and album jacket will also be created there.

Although Solbi has made solo projects in the past, this will be her first comeback since the break-up of her mix group Typhoon.
Solbi said, “A lot of things happened to me so far in 2010. I entered college and I’m currently experiencing campus life. I’ve had an opportunity for some more personal time with all the time off the air. I also plan to work hard in America and to debut with a good new image.

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