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Sunday, April 11, 2010

!Super Junior’s Hankyung speaks up about his wellbeing & SM Entertainment

It was revealed yesterday that Super Junior’s Hankyung would be reemerging into the public sphere by paying the legendary Michael Jackson a tribute through a performance at the Decade Music Ceremony this April. Hankyung has also begun to connect with Chinese media outlets as well.
In an interview with Entertainment Live, Hankyung dished out information about his wellbeing, his history & relationship with SM Entertainment and possible plans for the future.

Right now, I’m living a more regular life,” Hankyung replied when asked about his current status. “Typically, I always sleep before midnight, then get up around seven or eight in the morning. In the afternoon, when I’m pretty much done with lunch,  I rest for half an hour then go work out. After that, I rest for one-two hours, then I learn English.
Now there’s more time to spend with my mom… yeah,” Hankyung added with a little laugh.
Although this simple lifestyle may seem boringly ordinary for many, it’s the type of schedule that Hankyung hasn’t experienced for a long time. The idol had left home at the age of twelve to pursue dance in Beijing, then traveled to Korea at nineteen. In 2005, he debuted with Super Junior, and faced hardships even then due to his demanding schedule as well as the difficulties that come with being a foreigner. As many fans know, Hankyung even wore a mask for a period of time in fear of getting deported from the country.
Furthermore, Hankyung has suffered serious health problems as well. “My health hasn’t been very good, especially my stomach. Since my debut, I’ve had gastritis, so it’s been pretty bad.” He went on to explain that he has suffered excessive fatigue as a result. “It doesn’t matter what you eat or drink, you vomit. … Then your body lacks nutrients. The other organs in your body begin to slowly…” Hankyung trailed off and shook his head with a small frown. “It’s not very good.
I go to the hospital with my mom and get traditional Chinese medicine,” Hankyung continued. “Every day, my mom makes me drink. Sometimes I forget, or if I leave home, then she gives me a big bag of medicine.
Hankyung also talked a bit about his experiences with SM Entertainment. “Well, I can’t say it was unfair,” Hankyung revealed during the interview, and thought for a moment. “If you like what you’re doing, it’s not like everything is going to be fair.
The idol remained optimistic about the experiences he had undergone in the past. “Wearing a mask during Don’t Don [promotions] – if there weren’t such experiences, there couldn’t be the same Hankyung today. These past experiences will help me very, very much for the path I walk in the future.
Speaking of Hankyung’s future, the idol also spoke up about possible plans down the road. “In the future, I hope to be an actor, and have a long-lasting career.
With his upcoming role in the Decade Music Ceremony & an upcoming press conference, Hankyung’s got a lot on his plate until then.

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