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Monday, April 12, 2010

!Tohomobile Staff Blog Update – A Filming Day with Yoochun 100410

Today’s YonSu is…
Walking and walking…

Walking and walking… Looking for something?
Right after he waked pass the camera, he walked in a weird way that made everyone laugh!
That’s bad~~ YuChun!!
In a middle of a pleasant chat~♪
During break time, he was chatting with his co-stars ♪
We found a mobile fortune-telling website, and we did a personality check for YuChun!!
In a middle of checking his script!!
It seems like YuChun has gotten used to checking his script, doesn’t it ♪
To be honest, YuChun only received his script one day before the crank-in day.
He immediately had supervision and script study right after that, and started to study his lines in furigana like his life was depending on it. After that he was having a emergency script scramming with his manager until morning. On the first day of filming, he kept asking the staff countless times, “I was so nervous so I couldn’t do well. Was it okay?”
A week still hasn’t passed since the filming first started. YuChun, as an actor, is such a high-spirited and wonderful person ☆
Yesterday, he told us secretly, “The day before the first day of filming, I was so nervous that I couldn’t sleep~”. Watching YuChun taking on a new challenge with all his minds, our staff members got very touched (^o^)
A close-up of his side profile…
We took an extreme picture of it!!
Just now he was still bursting out with laughter while playing game with the staff, he suddenly became tensed before the filming… then, going into filming now!!
A memorial photo shoot?!
Since we were leaving the filming location, he told us, “Please take a picture ♪”…
But somehow it became something that looks like a tourist memorial picture (LOL)
Right when the director said “Cut”…
The mischievous YuChun appeared!!?
After that, he turned to the camera and made an announcement while doing a weird face (LOL).
In the middle of practicing~!!
This is YuChun who was expressively making a gesture while practicing for an important scene!
He acted out very realistically a painful expression…!!
That’s just what I thought. Right after this, he did an imitation of a commercial and made everyone laugh (LOL).
YuChun, even though you’re doing this, please remember not to laugh during the real filming okay!!
It will be today’s final scene!
He’s not carrying the script but keeps repeatinghis lines~♪
Although it’s cold, it’ll only take a bit more! YuChun fighting!
I’m doing my best~!
This is a picture of “thank you for your hard word today~” and “please look forward to my drama~”!
“Although I didn’t have that much time to practice, I’m doing my best~! I am YonSu!
From YuChun”
Source: Tohomobile Staff Blog + linhkawaii
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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