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Sunday, April 11, 2010

!Wonder Girls talk about their comeback during their photoshoot for EXR

On April 9th’s episode of MBC’s Section TV, they were able to interview the Wonder Girls during their photoshoot for EXR.
Firstly, the Wonder Girls’ newest member Hae Lim got the chance to “officially” introduce herself in an interview on a Korean program.
In their visit, the Section TV crew got to go to the girls’ prep room during the girls’ rest time. During this time, the crew asked Yoobin what the girls typically do when they’re having a rest time from the photoshoot. Yoobin revealed that the girls talk and eat, while Sunye added that they read books. When Yoobin asked Sunye if she had any verses she remembered from the book she was currently reading, Sunye replied, “I just started, I only read 10 pages … It’s a really great book.

Regarding their style of clothes, the girls were asked if they usually wear the kinds of clothes they were wearing during the interview. Ye Eun commented, “Yeah, we usually like to wear short pants with leggings layered underneath. It gives a cool atmosphere and also makes you look slimmer.
During the interview, Sohee also confirmed that the girls will be back briefly in Korea’s music programs to cross-promote in America and Korea. Because it’s been a long while since the girls performed in front of national fans, Sohee also added, “We’re very nervous (x 100).
Sunye also got to talk about her friend 2AM’s Jo Kwon. Sunye commented, “Jo Kwon has always been [Kkap Kwon].” When Sunye was asked if Jo Kwon had changed since gaining popularity, she answered, “Yeah, he changed. He now buys me meals.” She then gave a message to her good friend, saying to the camera, “Jo Kwon, buy me more meals in the future.
To finish off the interview, the girls talked about their upcoming American tour, and how 2PM was going to participate in the opening act. At the end, the girls asked the fans to anticipate their comeback.

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