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Thursday, June 3, 2010

!Cyndi Wang's Image Is Ilegally Used in Mainland, Endorses For Abortion

After living in a low-key life for 2 months, Cyndi Wang will start to record for her new album next week. But it's known that Baiyun Hospital in Mainland illegally used her picture in their painless abortion advertisement. At least two Baiyun Hospitals in Guangzhou and Hunan took off the advertisement after the news broke out. Cyndi's record company won't take further action and Cyndi expressed: "It's very immoral."

Many well-known female stars like Chiling Lin and Stefanie Sun became spokesperson of abortion advertisement in Mainland with no reason at all. This time it's Cyndi but fortunately her company handled it immediately. The hospital also took her picture off and didn't let the chaos grow.

As for her body wash commercial, it generated good feedback in Mainland and Hong Kong. She signed a two year contract with the brand with a 20,360,000NTD pay. She supposedly to expose her back in the commercial, but after the final one was broadcast, she didn't really expose much. It's known during filming she doesn't have to wash herself in front of the camera. The crew just had to spray water on her skin and her body was covered by animated flower petals in later production. There are three bra company who want her to be their spokesperson, but she cannot overcome the fear of appearing in front of the camera only in her bra, so she rejected them.

Source: Nextmedia
Translated by: Kay's Entertainment

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