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Monday, June 7, 2010

!Da S swears never forced marriage, broke up with Blue and Vic amicably

This week's weekend supplemental magazine reports that Barbie Hsu (Da S) is a 10/10 woman, but is a tad domineering regarding her dealings with relationships. When she broke up with ex-boyfriends Blue Lan and Zai Zai, there were rumours that it was due to her pushing for a wedding; however, she says she ended things with them amicably, and "I have never tried to force a wedding on anyone in my whole life!"

Acting is her first love, love life has been empty for about two and a half years

Da S laughs that after her breakup with Vic Zhou, her "window" of love has been empty, so she has turned to acting, and is planning to make a huge dent on Hong Kong's silver screens. All of her co-stars are hottie kings, and as she has a track record of creating sparks in real life with her co-stars after working with them on an idol drama, she thought that it would be the same for movies. Alas, she experienced the opposite.

She says, "Every actor comes prepared when they work on a movie, because they have to create feeling and a connection with the audience. Once the movie's over, the feelings leave and you return to reality. Acting in an idol drama is completely different, because you see the actors day after day, and it's easier to develop feelings."

She and Blue, and also with Vic, started going out after collaborating on a drama together. Rumours swirled, accusing her of forcing them into marriage, which naturally led to their breakups. With a heavy tone, she replied, "Force them into marriage! This is what the world's version of our breakup is, but I swear, I have never tried to force anyone into marriage in my whole life!" She stresses that she broke up with both males amicably, and still cherishes their sweet times together. "That's why you don't hear them retort or make the situation worse after we broke up la."

Invulnerable, not worried about getting old, but about bringing up old flames

Recently, she was seen as the female lead for "Summer of Bubbles", which as it happens, is battling Blue's "PS Man" for ratings. Bringing up her old flame, she wasn't unhappy at all, and even said, "I haven't heard you mention Blue nor Vic's names in a long time." She further added, "Whenever I hear these two people's names, I'm immediately invulnerable, because I have rehearsed a body of steel, and have prepared myself. I'm not scared at all, but please don't mention old news, people's lives have to keep moving forward, you have to give me a chance to move forward, yes?"

Earnestly wishes for good peaches, but won't head to temple to pray

Breaking up with Zai Zai definitely made her take a step back in love, but she insists, "I don't want to be in a relationship right now, I don't want to get married, and I definitely don't want to have kids." She figured out that she actually adores little kids after babysitting Xiao S's two daughters, and, Da S says, this year she had a bit of a different hope. "I hope that this year, I will meet my 'good peach blossom.' I haven't gone to the temple to pray for a good blessing. I am going to wish for it very, very hard in my heart, because sometimes, if you wish hard enough, it comes true."

Source: China Times
Translation: casablanca-- @ AsianFanatics

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