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Thursday, June 3, 2010

!Fan Account of Big Bang's Recent Activities in Japan [NEWS]

Iris Live Stage (in Saitama)
- The first one started at 2:00 and the second one started at 7:00 - but both were delayed over 40 minutes due to seating issues.
- The large crowd was around 98% female with many older drama fans (40+). I heard the older ladies next to us say "Who?" when TOP was introduced as part of the cast. The crowd (unlike MTV Live) was far from BB-fans only. But there were still many, many BB fans in the crowd, of course.
- When the show finally started, screens played clips from Iris introducing the characters while the actors showed up in real life, still in character. TOP appeared shooting his gun at the stage, while being wheeled slowly through the audience on an elevated platform. He boarded the stage then walked to the left and up some stairs to stand seriously while Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee walked in through the back of the main stage. After all the cast grouped together and were introduced, the announcer told us that TOP needed to leave early to go prepare for the next event (BIGBANG singing!) while the other actors talked more.
- All the members of Big Bang appeared in different locations in the arena. Their first song was Gara Gara GO!!! and then they introduced themselves in the center stage. Then Daesung and Seungri disappeared, while Taeyang sank into the stage (to later reappear on the main stage) and G-Dragon and TOP seperately went to the left and right walkways to perform Hallelujah. I was closest to G-Dragon for this song - so cute :)
- After Hallelujah, TOP disappeared with this fellow members while the rest of the cast of Iris played out a shooting scene across the arena, ending with a loud explosion as the cast ended up back on stage.
- During the first show, TOP chose for being the most shocking, and he therefore sparkly red jacket and sing (rokoko type music).
- As soon as Jung Joon Ho's song ended, BIG BANG came back out to sing Tell Me Goodbye!!
- As Tell Me Goodbye started, Daesung was standing on the side walkway closest to me and TOP was on the same walkway, but closer to the stage..so (as much as I love Daesung) I was a bit disappointed. But a little into the song, TOP and Daesung both started walking towards eachother and switched spots!! TOP then was standing right in front of me. He was looking in the other direction, up towards the first level seats...BUT as his rap part started, he turned around to look down on the Arena seats (and me!!). Basically I was in perfect line with his eye sight during the whole rap part and about 20 feet away ;) I didn't have my glasses on, so I couldn't see his eyes, but it looked to me (with my slightly blurry vision) that he was staring straight at me - mwahaha. Definitely the best moment of the concert for me :D TOP!! marry me~
- There is also this actors Monologue thing that starts with Kim Tae Hee. Each of the actors takes turns saying a monologue as their Iris character, all in Korean with Japanese subtitles on the screen. TOP appeared suddenly on the center stage and mumbled some lines, before being lowered back down into the stage floor. He had a really short monologue.
- As a special bonus, the cast all walked around the arena to end the show. BIG BANG walked with the other singers one direction, while TOP walked with the cast in the other direction - the two groups crossing in the back middle. As they walked, each person had a small stack of frisbees to throw out. When Big Bang walked in front of me, Taeyang throw his frisbee right in my direction and someone two or three rows behind me caught it. I saw some fans taking a picture of it with their cell phones later.
- During the second show, TOP held onto his last frisbee until the very end and threw it off right before he went back to the stage.
- You could see how close BB was with each other, the way they talked and played among themselves while waiting on stage. They waved to the fans often, as well.
- Before the walk around of the 2nd show, TOP was chatting and even dancing with Kim Seung Woo as Kim Tae Hee and Lee Byung Hun made their farewell speeches. Also, at the same time, Taeyang went up to the camera that was filming and was pulled back by another singer (either Kim Tae Woo or Shin Seung Hoon). And G-Dragon pulled on a black hat with a yellow smiley face? (I think) during the second show. TOP's dashing outfit made him look like a really handsome pilot =.=
- TOP is the final person to leave the center stage and walk to the main stage.

MTV Live
- (Compared to the VMAJs) This time, the audience was almost purely Big Bang fans equipped with crown fan lights (there were quite a few W-inds fans too though). If you looked out into the audience alone, you would think you were at a Big Bang concert with the even and dense distribution of BB fanlights.
- Keita (of W-inds) introduced himself as G-Dragon
- While the audience was enthusiastic for all performers, it was definitely BB that got the loudest adoring screams and general noise level. Their set list was Gara Gara GO!!, Number 1, Tell Me Goodbye (so happy to see it---! I love this new song!!!), How Gee, and for Encore: Koe wo Kikasete and My Heaven.
- TOP actually talked tonight in Japanese!!! He mentioned his new movie and when it was coming out (he messed up adorably). G-Dragon said he would "ganbarimasu" with producing the new Big Bang Korean album, Daesung talked about starting filming on his new drama, and Taeyang announced his own solo album coming out and that he would hopefully be able to go to Japan on activities for it. Seungri did most the talking in general again, telling us to buy the new CD coming out on June 9th!
- After Big Bang performed the encore, everyone came back out to take a group photo with the mass of fans. Keita moved closer to BB when VJ Boo said "be more friendly" :) and TOP joined VJ Boo :D

- Of course, the BigBang moments were the best. Seungri did most of the talking for the award accepting (Taeyang joined in the second time), TOP raised his hand in the number 1 position once, G-Dragon had sticked up hair that made him easy to recognize from behind. He also chimed in with a "Thank You MTV" in English when he won with w-inds.
- During his performance of Rain is Fallin with w-inds he was so charismatic and energetic, adding plent of "say yeah"s and "uh uh uh"-type noises :D w-inds was so cute too, thanking G-Dragon and giving him hugs.
- I was surprised by the amount of fellow VIPs there :D You can identify them by their crown-shaped BB glow sticks, their screaming whenever BB was mentioned or present, and when Taeyang thanked the fan club. Although the VMAJ staff went around to fans carrying the glow sticks and asked them to turn them off, you can still seem a few shining, at least during the BB performances.

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Photos from MTV Japan + via Bestiz
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