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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

!The Story Of “Mozart!” And The Award Winners 100609

Best Female Supporting Actress – Shen Young Soo (Baroness)
Best Male Newcomer – Kim Junsu (Mozart)
Popularity Award – Kim Junsu (Mozart), Jung Seon Ah (Constance)

2010.06.07 Met Mozart again at the Sejong Cultural Center Theater!
The musical that reignited the entire musical world in the first half of 2010, “Mozart!”, having had its last goodbye performance in Ansan a short while back, came back together for a special performance in the “4th The Musical Awards”. After having not seen each other for a while, the actors and actresses finally met once again, and they were filled with happiness. In order to give encouragement to the respective nominees, a lot of the audience came for the award ceremony.
Seo Pan Hee, the other actor of the musical, along with all the crew who have provided much help, the crew members of Yehn Hong Kwan planning agency, and Kim Junsu’s parents all gathered at the Sejong Culture Center Theater today for the event.
The award ceremony finally commenced! All the works that received a lot of love from the audience were featured one by one on the stage along with the award presentation for the actors, working crews and best works. Kim Junsu, who became Mozart again began to feel nervous~
“Mozart!” won awards for Best Female Supporting Actress, Best Male Newcomer, Male and Female Popularity Awards. Even though the results were slightly disappointing, each time the word “Mo” of “Mozart!” appeared, however, the entire audience would give its loudest cheers and applause, and that moved us deeper than getting an award.
It was time for a gathering after the end of the award presentation.
In order to celebrate Kim Junsu’s, Shen Young Soo’s and Jung Seon Ah’s win, and also to thank all the actors for the perfect performance they have put up for the audience, we gathered for a small celebration after the award ceremony, which only ended at dawn.
From the preparation stages to the actual performances to the final closing curtain, the representatives of EMK have been working tirelessly…composer Ryoo Hee Seong, who was strict at times, would also take good care of the actors…Lee Ryeon Young, our dance instructor and Han Jung Ahn, our costume designer, who both left a deep impression on everyone for the dance moves and elegant costumes…and best newcomer Kim Junsu, who first went to Kang Nam for an event by the award sponsor before coming down to the venue of gathering…
Park Gun Hyung, our MC host for tonight…the other hero of our performance Park Eun Tae… Seo Pan Hee, who has been laughing with “Mozart!” from the start to the end of the award ceremony…Shen Young Soo, who cried while receiving her award, and for wanting South Korea to remember her as the actress Shen Young Soo rather than “Young Soo”…most popular actress Jung Seon Ah…Woo Man Suk, who joined other events before joining us at the “Mozart!” gathering…Yun Jung Eh, who constantly brought laughter to us by displaying his sense of humour during the performances…also, to all the managers and crews who constantly were at their back, left and right in order to help them shine brighter…everyone sat around and chatted to their hearts’ content, and nobody left even thought it went way past midnight.
“Every time our actors received an award, they would mention ‘EMK’, we are really grateful. We will definitely find a way to repay all the actors, actresses and crew.” – Yehn Hong Kwan Representative
“I was afraid I would forget all the difficult lines during the performance, so even up till now I would memorize them from time to time. Currently, I have also been listening to the musical’s CD often.” – Kim Junsu
“When Junsu first came to join us for practice after his return from Australia, he only used two days to memorize all the actions and lines, and it was indeed very shocking. That moment completely changed my preconception of him.” – Shen Young Soo
“I didn’t really like EMK initially, but now I like it a lot.” – Jung Seon Ah
We were once filled with worries when faced with the initial challenges of bringing in the musical “Mozart!” locally for the Korean audience, but thanks to everyone’s passion and support, we have achieved a massive success. Once again, we would like to extend our thanks to everyone, do keep a lookout for a re-make of “Mozart!”
Source: XIAHKING + baiduTVXQ
Translation: kimuchi3005 @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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